About Me

Hello, I am Jake Pendleton. I’ve always been a long time fan of movies, and music. Well I mean who isn’t these days? I guess I’m so much a fan that I’ll be blogging about it. A fan that recognizes the indie movies, and the indie bands. I’ll cover some hidden gems, and some movies or songs that could fit the day along with some Netflix shout outs. I’ll also be discussing the local Boston music scene in future blog posts. I also was thinking about making a top ten list of the best movies taken place in Boston.

I’ve been a long time listener of Boston’s radio stations such as “92.5 The River”, “FNX” and now “RadioBDC”. With those stations through my life it’s been the full credit to where I first got my impressionable music taste at such a young age. So I guess I have to thank my Dad more than anything for playing those stations on the way to drop me off at school with his beat up 1987 pick up truck, thanks Dad.

I also enjoy the comedy aspect of things. The creation of movies is something that catches my eye. I enjoy the art behind making screenplays and I draw an interest in what it takes to shoot a movie. I’d enjoy the talk of some cult classics, and certainly pay tribute to a movie that came out a long time ago, with an “On This Date” moment.

Lastly, I’d like to dip in ever so gently into the sport world. I love all the Boston teams since I’m a New Englander. I’ve spent a lot of my childhood years going to Red Sox games, collecting and studying the back of sports cards for years. Seeing Boston become a title town over the last decade and a half, with all of their teams dominating is a dream come true. So I mean how can I not pay some mind to the Boston teams in my blogs. However lets be honest, the Red Sox are nothing to blog home about this year, so I’ll definitely lighten up the load in that department, if at all. Future posts about the rest of Boston sports teams and their season though, absolutely.

If you are a fan of any these topics contact me at jpendoy21@yahoo.com


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