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Throwback June Movies Cults/Classics and The Hidden Gem Album of The Day

Throwback Thursday

Movies that will be looked back on for the month of June. The Classics and Cults

The Goonies; release date June 7th, 1985. Oh man what a classic. Hard to believe it’s now been 30 years since this has been released. Now a days you’ll still see some truffle shuffles, and you’ll hear some Baby Ruth references. Also can’t forget Data and his “That’s what I said booby traps.” The references are endless. I still watch this movie and watch the deleted scenes with the octopus and laugh to how cheesy it is.

The Goonies – Original Theatrical

Alien; release date June 22nd, 1979. Another classic! This movie still has the ability to haunt you! The eerie sounds, outer space. The mother ship of sci fi movies. 36 years later and you still feel it’s terror.

Alien (1979) Trailer

Blade Runner; release date June 25th, 1982. This would be viewed both as classic, and a cult. A second movie on this list of 3 for Ridley Scott.  33 years ago today, and still a timeless epic. A must have, and a must see. Blade Runner stands in as a scientific and yet philosophical adventure.

The Cable Guy; release date June 14th, 1996. Jim Carey being a zaney oddball per usual takes it a step further as a psycho stalker. The maniac Chip his character takes is in a form of dark comedy and puts other character’s in such weird and awkward positions. A highly underrated movie, but it doesn’t complete it’s greatness because of perhaps the silliness that Carey takes is just so drastic and plain weird for some people to take.

Jaws; release date June 20th, 1975. The list just goes on with these classics, 40 year anniversary, and much like Alien and Blade Runner, it is a timeless epic that you could watch over and over. I’d really like to dig deep in my analysis of this movie, but I’m afraid we’re gonna need a bigger blog. Who knows maybe there could be a Jaws 5 with all these re-boots. Also do you ever realize how much drinking they all do throughout the movie? It’s like they are all basically drunk dealing with sharks the whole time. It’s like come on guys what did you expect?

Jaws Official Trailer #1 – Richard Dreyfuss, S

Then it’s scenes like this where Jaws goes all kool aid and has no chill, like wtf bruh.

Jaws – Show me The way To Go Home

Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back; release date June 20th, 1980.

The best movie of the trilogy. It is crazy to think people didn’t like this film, yet claim to have enjoyed Episode One. No comparison whatsoever. “The Empire Strike Back” is George Lucas’ best contribution and it will be remembered long after most other science fiction films have come and  gone. As a Star Wars fan or not I believe this movie is well known by all! Another frieken classic! The optical effects still stand the test of time, and the acting is superb. Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher are all better than they we in the original Star Wars. The story just keeps going and going, everything in this film works. So ignore anyone who claims to dislike it, and see it for yourself if you haven’t already done so. P.S The Force Awakens will be amazing, so pumped for that. Not a die hard Star Wars fan, like you won’t catch me in a costume fan, but yeah I’ll be there!

Luke Skywalker VS Darth Vader

With all these June movies being throwbacks, and most of them dealing with very limited CGI. Of course all these movies are of their time with special effects, but here is a list that has CGI in all the wrong ways.

Top 10 Worst CGI Movie Effect

Music Hidden Gem of The Day.

You know I had to sneak in some music for today.

Allah-Las, “ahh” here’s an album to unwind to today, as the hidden gem of the day.

Allah-Las altogether really boomed with this album, and let out this nostalgic and vintage touch that just kind of eases it’s way into your head. I hear a lot of ‘The Animals’ and ‘The Zombies’.


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