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Botched Boston

Finally a post about sports.

You’re probably thinking, “Jesus, when is this guy gonna talk about sports?” “I mean it’s the first word in his blog name title for crying out loud.”

Sunday Sports

What’s new in Boston today? Well the Red Sox finished the series with the Tampa Bay Rays and end it with winning two of the three games, with a 5-3 win. Home runs from Ortiz, De Aza and Pablo Sandoval. What does this mean necessarily? Nothing, the Red Sox season is lost and are nine games back in last place of the first place Rays whom we beat today. So if that is something to be happy about I guess that is it. Masterson had a brief and solid outing after being called up from Pawtucket, it looks like he will remain in the rotation. What can the Red Sox send for a trade at this point? We all know the value is plummeting by the day. Hanley being Manny in left and straining what is seemingly every ligament in his body on a weekly basis. Kung Fu Panda liking instagram pictures on your bench. Wade Miley Throwing a fit in the dugout. Teams want that now a days right? I guess this is what you get with a team that is ranked 3rd in the MLB for a team’s salary. One word, Pathetic.

End of an Era

On Friday the Bruins made some questioning deals with Dougie Hamilton and Milan Lucic. Far and away the biggest surprises of trades. All for draft picks and a couple AHL players, but I think they had the right idea but the final action to move up failed. At the end of it the team got trapped. I understand letting them go was for salary cap reasons but come on, what are you doing Don Sweeney?

The days of Lucic are done. The fights, the broken noses with the stellar 30 goal seasons. (30 goals in 2010), being his best year. Lucic is now an L.A King, a trade that sent Colin Miller, Martin Jones to Boston, and a 13th overall pick (Jakub Zboril).

The Dougie Hamilton to the Calgary Flames for some more draft picks (15th,45th, and 52nd).

The rebuilding mode is coming quick here in Boston for the Bruins. Change is good but this is just straight up asinine.

Lucic is the only Bruins jersey I have. I guess it’s time to move on. Moves will be done but this is just a working process. It also doesn’t make sense that defenceman Adam Mcquaid got a 4 year 11 million dollar contract extension. That’s a head scratcher in itself.

four more years of Mcquaid banging against the wall. Woo!

Celtics Peering at Pierce?

Paul Pierce is a free agent. Will he retire? Go join the Clippers with Doc Rivers? Or the best outcome possible, come back to the Celtics. He loves Boston and Boston loves him, please Paul we need you, and us fans need the veteran familiarity to be chanting “The Truth!”. The Celtics have many assets and trade bait drafting a fourth point guard. We haven’t reached rock bottom as a team and that is something that all fans know. The way the East goes we may be a 7th seed again, 6th or 5th seed if Pierce is by our side. Hopefully the Celtics will throw him an offer and Pierce will listen, and take it.

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