The Top 7 most Murican and Patriotic Movies

7. Forrest Gump

This movie has it all! Patriotic moments mixed with comedy and just pure greatness. There’s his naiveness and stupidity that come into the mix as well, it’s perfect. Murica

6. The Patriot

You can basically insert any war movie in this list.) This one however holds so much history. One of the first Heath Ledger movies I’ve seen. Mel Gibson is a gritty S.O.B and does some pretty Amurican things with that flag.

5. The Deer Hunter

As critically acclaimed as it is, I’ve heard from sources that it may be inaccurate at some parts but that’s a movie for ya. The Russian roulette scene is the most iconic scene by far. This movie probably should be at #2 or 3 for some of you but I wasn’t a gigantic fan to be honest.

4. Team America World Police

How could I not add this to the list, absolute mayhem and bat shit crazy. Puppets who fight for justice? What’s more awesome and Murican than that? Made from the makers of South Park, can’t expect anything less than genius from them.

3. Roadhouse

Oh what’s that? You don’t think this movie is American? I’ll summon Patrick Swayze to round house you to the face. But seriously this movie is Murica on so many levels, a must watch for the day here on the 4th of July.

2. Top Gun

Top Gun honestly what a toss up it was for this or Roadhouse. With this movie being from the 80’s how could I not? The movie holds an iconic touch with U.S Navy Elite fighters competing for the best in class. Some good ole Murican jet flying with all that speed.

1. Saving Private Ryan

Okay, look let’s be real here. This movie makes you proud to be an American. Surely the best and most accurate. Hanks and Damon collaborate as the most dramatic and pivotal actors in the movie that stand upon the pedestal of greatness. A movie that makes the soldiers of that time cry. Watch it with greatness and honor today. Happy 4th!


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