Top 10 Best Boston Movies

The list includes the Best Boston Movies. The order comes in whoever can pronounce the R’s the least. I joke, kind of. From character development to the director’s niche of coordination to the final scene it comes as no surprise that this is the top 10 list. As a Boston fan in movies this list had to be made.

  1. The Firm

The Firm takes a few turns to be on the side of far fetched but that’s also what makes movies great with a great performance from Tom Cruise. The young cool handed Cruise joins a prestigious law firm, only to find it isn’t what he thought.

  1. Blown Away

Jeff Bridges not as the dude but as Boston’s dude. He can deffuse bombs that an Irish Tommy Lee Jones created since escaping prison. The movie isn’t over the top but it adds sentimental value as a perfect in the middle of the pact movie.

  1. The Verdict

This is a great movie about the law, but also about the vulnerable nature of the human beings who are entrusted with it. The film is about life, not just the law. A masterpiece. “It’s what happens outside of court that really happens for the movie.”

  1. The Town

Overall this movie hits home about Boston and the lifestyle that it takes to live there. Charlestown is known for not ratting on anyone, and you can see that the kept secret is held tight within here. Affleck’s character isn’t afraid of anything is willing to rob the money at whatever cost. A movie that is worth watching again and again. This movie could arguable be much lower on the list, but I didn’t find it’s niche as a great Boston movie like most thought.

Honorable Mention: My Best Friend’s Girl

Call me crazy but this movie is hilarious. Dane Cook is the biggest A-hole you could ever imagine, and Kate Hudson can’t resist him for some reason.Yes, yes Dane Cook can be too over the top, and can be the complete A-hole from behind the camera.

  1. The Fighter

Wahlberg and Bale team up for  pound for pound greatness. Wahlberg as the main character captured that. But I mean oh my word how bout Christian Bale? Absolutely insane the work he pulls off. Boston accent who’s rough around the edges

  1. Gone Baby Gone

Casey Affleck takes matters into his own hands without the help of his brother Ben in his breakthrough movie as a Boston detective. Very underrated movie. Affleck does his work to find a missing girl. The mood is set and from there carries the great scenery of Boston. Affleck I feel carries his weight and gives the movie just enough punch.

  1. Boondock Saints

This movie is just bat shit crazy fun. Never a dull moment and you got the Irish duo teaming up with guns a blazin’. Willem Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery and Reedus kill it. Rewatch-ability very strong! Not to mention the acting is just superb. On Boston’s terms it’s Wicked Pissah!

MV5BMTIzODA2NTUyM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwODQ2Mjk4._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg (344×475)

  1. Mystic River

A brooding, spellbinding thriller that is dark and so enthralling. This movie is a great movie to re-watch and get the full picture because by the second time it all connects and sticks better. A rewatchable movie hold a lot of the movie’s greatness, if it’s rewatchable without a single moment to have you turn away then you’ve got a gem and this is one of them.

Mystic_River_poster.jpg (300×445)

  1. Good Will Hunting

You can’t go wrong with Matt Damon, and Robin Williams this movie is an instant classic, and it set the tone early. You can’t help but root for Matt Damon (Will) the whole time no matter how much of a prick he can be. It’s not his fault guys, relax! The scene with Robin Williams sitting next to Matt Damon just captures that growing up essence. The scene puts perspective in such an intricate format that I have never thought before. A movie to grow up to, and soon.. A movie to grow old to.

MV5BMTk0NjY0Mzg5MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzM1OTM2MQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg (341×500)

  1. The Departed

The matchup of Leo and Martin Scorsese is undeniably the best director and actor combo. This movie with the likes of Nicholson, Wahlberg, Damon and Sheen was fit for greatness. The Boston accents were tensed and believable. The mood was set relentlessly, a clap and a tip of the cap every time you watch.

large_tGLO9zw5ZtCeyyEWgbYGgsFxC6i.jpg (400×600)


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