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Boston vs LA Moments

With The Boston Red Sox playing the LA Angels of Anaheim tonight, it makes me ask this question.

Is Boston and LA all around rivals throughout every sport?

Let’s take a look.

Angels vs Red Sox

Well, we can reminisce on all the wild card and divisional playoff games against the Angels in which the Red Sox have lost only on one occasion. 2004 Red Sox run with a sweep was great, but how bout 1986. 2 outs and Dave Henderson does the unthinkable, and pushes them into the World Series after this home run and changed the complexion of the ALCS.

2012 Trade for The Ages

And of course let us not forget The LA Dodgers doing that monumental deal with The Boston Red Sox for Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford Josh Beckett and Nick Punto. GM of course being Magic Johnson. This unloaded everything, all was lost and it was officially in rebuilding mode, at least so we thought until we won it in 2013.

adrian-gonzalez-carl-crawford-josh-beckett1.jpg (400×225)

Beckett was a douche and didn’t want to play here, and Carl Crawford said it was one of the worst experiences of his life. Them fightin’ words Carl!

Kings and Bruins, Lucic Same Face New Place

Milan Lucic got traded to the LA Kings. I’m surprised there wasn’t more of a rivalry between Gretzky’s Kings and The Bruins. The Oilers though that’s another story. Perhaps down the road we may see a Stanley Cup match up.

635722387129725037-AP-KINGS-BRUINS-TRADE-HOCKEY-74430944.JPG (534×401)

Tuck Rule Game Raiders vs Patriots

Since there’s no rivalry in football because L.A doesn’t have a team. We’ll go with the Oakland Raiders formerly known as The LA Raiders. Two words. “Tuck Rule”. Yup, sorry Raider fans. This 2001 match up solidified it as a rivalry in my eyes, and so many haven’t forgotten about it. This was The Patriots moment that kept things rolling 12 years later. The Raiders went on a great run and made the super bowl the following year and lost to the Buccaneers. That was the last time they appeared in the playoffs. The Patriots however went on to win 4 super bowls out of 6 appearances within that time. That one match up changed so much.

tom-brady-tuck-rule.jpg (666×485)

Beat LA Beat LA Beat LA” Celtics vs Lakers

Bird vs Magic, need I say more? Absolute pandemonium watching these two. The Celtics won it in 1983-84 against LA. 1985 Magic and The LA Lakers got revenge and beat them in the championship. Same goes for 1987 in 6 games. Flash forward 2007-2008, The Celtics get the big three Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. The Celtics defeat Lakers in 6 games. 2009-10 Kobe Bryant and The Lakers capture the championship in deciding 7th game.

i-f6f243b3966a67db15c6427517acae57-MAGIC-JOHNSON-Y-LARRY-BIRD-LAKERS-CELTICS.jpg (300×350)ap110130055681_c0-200-2832-1850_s561x327.jpg (561×327)

So overall is LA and Boston a complete rivalry throughout the sports world? I say almost, lets give it some more time, and maybe you’ll see some future matchups in championship games between The Dodgers, or The Kings.


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