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So, The Red Sox haven’t exactly began the second half of the season like they hoped. Scoring an abismal 0 runs within the last two games. The pitching has been surprisingly great. The Angels pitching however even better leaving their bats stagnant. Eduardo Rodriguez will start in the final game of the series and let’s just hope he can get run support that was once promised in the off season.

In all fairness I wrote this team off last month. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think they will go on a run, and regain some games back, and possibly move up to third place. That even might be a stretch to think that, but we need to score runs! We need to have an incredible rest of the month to even think about getting into third place. The division is bad, but we are that bad. 7.5 games back feels like 14 right now to me.

Clay Buchholz goes down and you have Brian Johnson coming up to the big leagues, this is what I’m excited for. Was never a big fan of Clay to begin with, I was for a while how can you not when he got a no-no on his second start of the big leagues. Since then has followed up that season with getting injured and mediocrity. He’s shown flashes of course like the 2013 year. He’s got the stuff that was once almost Cy Young worthy until he’d get injured again. I’m not expecting Brian Johnson to light it up like Eduardo Rodriguez did his major league debut, but at least show some future to bring a formidable force.

This leads me to my last Red Sox point. What do we do come trade deadline? Sell? Buy? I guess time will tell, but how are we not selling at this point? Then again who would buy from us? It’s frustrating as hell to think about it as a fan. I’m not delusional to think we can dump a player just like that. I sure would love to be in the sweepstakes for a Johnny Cueto. That feels like a pipedream, but at least throw them something. There’s just no way you can think we can go the next half of the season with what we have now in pitching, that is ranked 28th in all of baseball. The Reds are rebuilding, maybe we should do the same. However lucky for us we aren’t in their division with the one two punch of St. Louis and Pittsburgh, thank Christ.

cincinnati-reds-johnny-cueto-110514_0.jpg (800×506)


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