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On This Date Look Back on The Month of July Cults and Classics

July movies really packed some punch for this list.

The Dark Knight July 18th, 2008

Heath Ledger rest in peace. One of the best performances I’ve ever seen any actor perform in a movie. Ledger as the joker just undid himself on all levels, and took method acting a step further to a point of being a secluded clown with an aggression that couldn’t be crossed. He’s in the top five for best actor performances in my book that’s for sure. Instant Classic!

The-Joker-the-dark-knight-1959033-300-360.jpg (300×360)

Step Brothers July 25th, 2008

I’m still in the process of finding a quote within this movie that isn’t quoteable I mean it is never ending with quotes. Comedic gold, Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly tag team as the 39 and 40 year old brother’s who need to do something with their lives. This could make for a drama or a serious movie, that’s what Judd Apatow intended it to be, but things changed and humor went so heavily that it’s a brainless comedy that will maintain a solid rating on IMDb. 6.9 out of 10 not bad, not bad. This is an instant classic in my mind.

StepBrothers_9lg.jpg (700×465)

Garden State July 28th, 2004

This movie has your laughs, your heartwarming smiles and maybe even some tears, but if you do tear up make sure you save it in a plastic cup for good measure. The movie can speak for everyone who gets the feeling of coming back home and seeing how things were, and seeing how you didn’t miss anything at all. Garden State is a very underrated movie.

abyss.jpg (1024×436)

Forrest Gump July 6th 1994

Forrest has got a lot of character development, and quite the life that he has lived. Inspirations from running down and breaking out of his leg braces down the road, to running out of the jungle to save his dear old Lieutenant Dan. This movie can show “Hey stupid people can do it too!” “Stupid is, is stupid does.” Now it’s 20 years later, is it stupid for me to mark it off as a classic, because I am.

forrest-gump1__140605215604.png (630×420)

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome July 10th, 1985

Gibson featuring Tina Turner, yup I threw it in here it was a cult movie I felt, not the best movie of the Mad Max series but enough to stand on it’s own two feet. Before Fury Road we had Beyond Thunderdome as the last movie to mark it off.

madmaxbeyondthunderdome2.jpg (720×478)

Kingpin July 26th, 1996

Kingpin is fun for all and a cult movie. Bowling, boosin’, stupidity, and driving around making bets with monopoly money, oh what fun! Bill Murray, Woody Harrelson, and Randy Quaid have fun in this idiotic brainless comedy. Also why is it that Farrely Brothers keep making two character’s with lesser IQ’s each time, like Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, and Stuck on You? Hey it’s simple and it works that’s all I gotta say.

7154TK104VL._SY300_.gif (210×300)

Full Metal Jacket July 10, 1987

Harsh, is the word that I would describe this movie. Stanley Kubrick does a fine job making this movie. The film sets an over the top atmosphere and creates the overbearing drill sergeant’s pragmatic beliefs like that will make you crack as a viewer of this movie. Classic for sure.

1397971137544.jpg (1200×900)

Pi July 10, 1998

This movie is a cult and just an indie phenomenon,  with no budget. Mathematician Sci-fi Thriller, things may not add up when you watch it but it creates that curiosity as a viewer and you gotta love that.

f1b800516172dcd4e179b81e96bd0dc3.jpg (600×889)

Slacker July 5, 1991

Richard Linklater’s first stoner movie, before his Dazed and Confused. This movie is a cult classic. Linklater has the ability to create a movie with no plot but still make it a boundful experience with every waking scene. It’s like he goes against the grain and makes whatever he wants, which is originality at it’s finest. Slacker is a narrative in many ways to delve into the lives of social misfits.

screens_feature1-2.jpg (450×314)

Inception July 16, 2010

This is one of those second time watchers and you get the full idea movies. Unbelievable job done by DiCaprio, and the director Nolan can do no wrong and has done no wrong. A dream within a dream, and the paradox as such is fascinating, fantasy based but it’s a long lasting journey through originality. This has the making to be a classic.

inception01.jpg (1280×1024)


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