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Jake’s Top 15 Movie Soundtracks

Movie Soundtracks, you gotta have em. They are the icing on the cake. They are the extra push and inspiring moment that drives you in a movie. If picked right you have a memorable scene that will fit like a puzzle piece.

I’ve conducted a top 15 list of my favorite soundtracks. Movies based on bands don’t count to me because if that was the case The Doors, The Song Remains The Same would be number one, as would Hard Day’s Night, Purple Rain and Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

  1. Stuck on You

I can’t find the soundtrack anywhere, not online and not at stores. I guess that just means you can enjoy the soundtrack more in the heat of the moment within the movie which many could agree that is the way it should be.

  1. Prince Avalanche

A beautiful scenic movie that is a good Netflix watch. The instrumental work of Explosions in The Sky works with symphonic beauty and really works well with the movie. Each scene is felt through the music, and it gives you a sense of some joy to see it done so well.

  1. Wet Hot American Summer

Some high shorts, bowl cuts, and some hairspray galore for this film. Each and every 80’s tune is really ironically mastered with and perfected to tell a tale from a time way back when. The training to 80’s work out music and even the ironic acting. It’s memorable in all the right ways.

  1. Rushmore

Wes Anderson, really knows his niche with criterion movies, and has a memorable soundtrack each and every time. Anderson recognizes the artistry from such a time period and holds it to a quirky but yet melodic feel.

  1. Saturday Night Fever

Okay, not a fan of disco, but I get it. I do,  I really do. However, Travolta you killed it. You’re the man and you move like a space monkey. On behalf of the soundtrack, sure the Bee Gee’s I dig it but outside of them, please. I think if it wasn’t for Travolta’s role this may not be in here.

  1. The Departed

This was the movie that introduced The Dropkick Murphy’s- Shipping Off to Boston. Scorcesse knows how to pick em and he picked em right. The soundtrack captures every moment you could want with The Rolling Stones’s Gimme Shelter to Van Morrison’s- Comfortably Numb. Brilliant and comfortable.

  1. The Graduate

All of Simon and Garfunkle and that’s all good with me. It really gells and complete’s this 1967 classic. “Mrs. Robinson, you’re seducing me.. aren’t you?”

  1. Reservoir Dogs

Tarantino’s first big one and oh what a masterpiece. Opening scene catches your ear. The song I think everyone knows is Stealer’s Wheel- “Stuck in The Middle With You”. Oh what a brutal scene. This scene opened doors for Tarantino and it showed off his epic and gore ability to show his twisted but yet amazing film insight.

  1. The Royal Tenenbaums

Another win for Wes Anderson in this quirky and eccentric work of beauty. Anderson loves the Stones and he loves sentimental music. I respect that. The montage/ scene with Royal going with his grandchildren wreaking havoc and riding gocarts put out a staple in my mind of what “Meet Me and Julio Down by The Schoolyard” should look like.

  1. Drive

So good, just so simple and effortless. 80’s vibrant Vice City feel to it without the Vice City. The movie felt electric and poetic. Not over usage of dialogue with the 80’s pop made the movie nostalgic and true.

  1. Forrest Gump

The movie just moves with the times, and it caries on through each generation Forrest lives in. Epic. Enough said.

  1. Breakfast Club

John Hughes, what a gem he made with this. The soundtrack is so poignant and so timeless I can’t get enough of it.

  1. Good Will Hunting

Elliott Smith really captured the moving qualities within the movie. It was subtle and it was sweet and I saw it’s beauty. The great cinematography with Will on the subway, with Boston as the background, I felt is worth mentining as are the days of Will getting rides from his best friend Chuckie. Not to mention the song when Will wants to find out about a girl.

  1. High Fidelity

I should really have this at number one, but it’s a coin flip. This movie is through and through awesome and really speaks for all genres and not just a certain demographic. Rob (Cusack) and Barry (Jack Black) are a tandem of oil and water in music, but you get full dosage in this one. I should make a top 5 list for this movie’s soundtrack alone.

  1. Guardians of The Galaxy

Okay, I have to disclaim this first. I had no idea what the Guardians of The Galaxy’s inside story was about. I am not educated as a fan of the comics and the whole back story. So you have to imagine not knowing 100% of the character’s personality and mojo you’d be in for a treat. Well I was, just an absolute surprise of a soundtrack and the opening scene says it all.


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