Red Sox vs Yankees Rivalry Completely Dead?

After a solid performance from Stephen Wright against the Yanks last night it leaves E-Rod in a good follow up to pitch well tonight in a try to take the first two.

It doesn’t help that we are in last and they are in first, and that we haven’t faced them in a playoff series since 2004. But hey I am still enjoying these Red Sox Yankees match ups I guess. I mean jeeze the rivalry may have died a little but don’t completely knock it off you still have something left of a rivalry.. right?

SoxYanks.jpg (635×439)

Maybe not.

Let’s see some brawls and some trash talking, like where did all that hatred go? I think all that hatred is left from all the memories and those pennant races. The hate begins and ends with Alex Rodriguez and his PED usage. He’s even banned in NY by many.

With it being a week since Pedro’s number 45 being retired it is just so hard to believe this New York and Boston match up has gotten to be so boring. Even those long inning games they are boring. I don’t want to use the excuse on how The Red Sox have won the world series three times within that time because that helps the rivalry. The Yankees haven’t won it since 2009, and it’s been so quiet even before then.

46039281H1225947.JPG (960×776)

Look, I’m all for class acts in the game of baseball and the intensity between it with all clean fun let’s get it back to the good ole days. The rivalry has lost it’s spark and it’s no longer the same because the Red Sox suck plain and simple.

I guess I know the exact reason as to why it’s not a heated rivalry like it once was, but I miss it is what I’m trying to say.


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