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Ant Man Movie Review

Ant Man, what a surprise. A blind watch coming into it thinking that it won’t amount to anything. Paul Rudd I would feel he’d come up as a dud and that the plot was a hole. I was wrong, so wrong. The movie got as creative as ever. There was a lot of fun going into the creation of this and you could just tell just by watching. The movie felt intricate and all on it’s own especially as a Marvel movie. Definitely looking forward for more to come.

Rudd wasn’t a dud. In fact he matched up as your regular Joe Shmo, but worse he wasn’t even that. He was a criminal and a burglar, but a burglar who hates violence. All in the same time he gets out of jail and tries to have a connection with his daughter but isn’t able to by his ex-wife’s husband who’s coincidently a cop. The cop was a tool and an annoying character throughout but you can’t help but root for Rudd’s character Ant Man altogether because he has nothing to lose. Original and not gimmicky it stood alone and didn’t try too hard. Although there was so a few moments where Ant Man gets a little too awkward and interrupts a sentimental moment with a family, all for a laugh I understand but it didn’t need to be in there it was just too much.

Didn’t know a single piece of the back story. I don’t know anyone who does for that matter. Overall this movie was fun and enjoyable. A surprising role also done by Michael Douglas, he really pieced the whole movie together being the original Ant Man from years before, and being the master mind behind the ants I think was the ultimate orchestrator of the movie. 


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