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Patriots Blog: Bright Spots and Dull Spots

Patriots lost to the Packers 22-11

Losing in pre season doesn’t mean anything, but I laugh and I love for the people that think it does matter. It’s all about working out the kinks. Seeing who’s who, testing the waters. This after all could be the biggest games for some of these guys. It’s their superbowl and their moment of stardom that maybe they won’t get again and they’ll find something else. There is much respect for pre season players that don’t make the cut but try with all their might. It’s like their moment to be Rudy, giving it your all, and if you don’t have you don’t have it. Try next year.

For The Patriots however here are the brights and the dulls.

Dull: Garoppolo you need to work it up a notch it was a bit dull if you ask me. He had a few key drives but it didn’t feel like much with his one interception.

O-line: Dull, seven sacks and after Connolly left for retirement it seems it will be that much harder to keep away the D-line from the QB.

Boyce: Dull.  Targeted nine times and only catching two. Not good. Look the passes may have not been perfect, maybe he’s working out the kinks and everything like that blah blah blah. He needs to step it up he’s spent the last two seasons with this team not showing us much and here’s a perfect opportunity to just as long as he can catch the ball.

Bright: Brandon Gibson. It was the big surprise after catching the lone pass from Tom Brady on Wednesday. Brady went 1-4 with a first down pass to Brandon Gibson so I mean Gibson in front of Boyce is where it is now, still 3 more weeks to see what goes down, but Jimmy G needs to get the precision up and give Brady another series to work with to get more passes in accuracy for Tom Terrific, the 38 year old only has so much to work with.

Bright Spot: Jonas Gray

Jonas Gray please don’t be late again, 55 yard TD rush. That was the biggest highlight of the game, and he showed off some speed with that run, it’s impressive, he should be the featured back in New England and could put in a match while Blount is in suspension. We’ll have to see as this is my first Patriots blog so this should be interesting.

Bright Spot: Malcom Butler

He showed some beast covering in Wednesday’s game. Hope he keeps it up.

Now it is only the first week so there isn’t a complete write off we have three weeks left but anything could happen.

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