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Dombrowski is the Dude

So Dombrowski is with the Red Sox and things are beginning to look up starting two days ago. Out of nowhere it seems. My friend called it, he said it would happen and I told him he’s out of his mind, well looks like I am out of my mind..

Dombrowski knows how to be a true baseball GM and that’s what’s important.

Formerly with the Montreal Expos bringing up Charles Johnson When he was with The Expos he had a great ability with his farm directing and bringing in new players, scouting and drafting.

From the ground up Dave Dombrowski incredibly adapted future players. Seems like since forever since The Red Sox had  a true baseball guy in the management.

Being with The Florid Marlins, he brought them Livan Hernandez and Edgar Renteria and gave them a championship in 97′ where he also first worked with John Henry and now reuinted again here in Boston.

The Detroit Tigers he signed with them in 2002 and that may ave been the most impressive job done. Being the worst in the game in 03 with most losses in AL history to the World Series in 06′, and 12′. The gainings of Verlander and Cabrera have made that team relevant in every way, and sure fire Hall of famers.

Now here with Boston I haven’t had this much trust with a GM since, well, Theo Epstein of course. But to have good drafting qualities and good baseball farm systems will make it all the more reason to watch the Red Sox for next year. Hell even this year, I can already feel the difference of what the team’s aura is. The wins have gained us a three game win streak and none the less there’s new direction. Facing the best AL team it’s impressive that you can see Wade Miley go into the 8th against thwse guys, Good signs are finally being sought, and it’s a new era. The free agency will be very interesting to say the least, and you have to wonder what Dombrowski has up his sleeves, you got to think he’s aces hiigh and plenty of starting pitching.


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