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Indie and Underrated MLB Players

Baseball is dying as a sport, or so they say. There’s no doubt about it, people can’t name a full team of players anymore like they used to. Moms go to the park as a social event instead of the game itself, known as a “pink hat”. There’s nothing wrong with seeing your friends at the game but at least know something about the team for crying out loud, can’t count how many times you see it at Fenway. Anyway, with baseball being at the back burner especially as football turns the corner, it has made it a great way for die hard fans to follow even more. Hater’s gonna hate.

Which brings me to my list of favorite players today.

Underrated players

Paul Goldschmidt

This guy is my favorite player right now, he is incredibly underrated and not even the pedestrian fan has ever heard of him. He is so indie it’s not even funny. I guess that’s what you get when you play all the way in Arizona. Goldie is my sure fire favorite. 

George Springer

Springer, right fielder for the Houston Astros, has the five tools to perform well. It seems that more recently that it’s been injuries to slow down his rookie season and this season. I hope this won’t be a going trend because he is fun to watch.

Nolan Arenando

This guy became my favorite defensive player to watch, he is amazing. His full effort is so great to see. He plays over in Colorado so unless you are a fan of the Rockies or an all around die hard fan of the game you watch this guy perform web gems after web gems.

Andrelton Simmons

Defensively this guy is right up there with Arenando, a pleasure to watch.

Jason Kipnis

Indians second baseman Kipnis is a solid hitter. At least as of this year hitting a solid .317. He shows season after season a greater potential and slaps the ball in ways that you can’t teach. Kipnis now with 140 base hits, there’s no doubt he will reach 200 hits within a year.

Joey Votto

Votto, is probably not that underrated anymore, but in 2010, 2011 he was in the same shoes as Goldie with an MVP. His production is still great and hits really well, another pedestrian fan will not know who he is, it’s sad really.

Jake Arrieta

Arrieta, he may have just thrown a no hitter, and that may have put a bigger spotlight on him than before, but he is so underrated. He’s been with the Cubs for three seasons now, and he’s been nothing but on the money.

Sonny Gray

The A’s have made plenty of shaky moves in the offseason, and season, but there’s one thing they shouldn’t do. That is get rid of Sonny Gray, this guy has got the stuff, and he’s a young kid with some solid stuff. Underrated.


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