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Politics Classes and The Politically Correct and Incorrect Movie List

So this semester at college I have been given quite the workload of political classes. I am taking two of them, and why would I be telling you this? Well, I think it correlates with just about every moment in movies, sports and music. I would proudly say I am democratic but I like to see it from both of the sides so in a way I am independent. “Independent”, “indie” no surprise there is there? Ha-ha. Anyway, whether we know it or not politics are the underlying point sometimes in what we watch, hear and listen to. Blatantly or hidden behind a facade politically correctness and inspiring moments of passion is seen through out in entertainment today. Bias and slanted views are made everyday.

With that I have a list of entertainment moments that exploit these awful, or politically, bias, and or enlightening truths.


  1. Pearl Harbor; Michael Bay, what a disaster and box office flop.
  2. J. Edgar; Good attempt Clint Eastwood, but it runs a bit too dragged down and long to have an affect.
  3. Bobby
  4. W.
  5. Idiocracy; Taking place in the far away future this comedy subconsciously talks about our meek and frightening future of our lost common knowledge. One of the best brainless comedies I have ever seen, it plagues so much of what goes on today and what may happen, but we deny it.
  6. Salt of The Earth
  7. Frost/Nixon:
  8. The Great Dictator; Charlie Chaplin as Hitler. This movie is amazing. I can see the backlash and the amount of negativity, but that speech still is remembered as being one of the best of all time.
  9. The Interview; This movie was overblown, North Korea, blah blah blah. I had my laughs and thought it was an alright movie, but the way it got presented put quite a sale on this controversial flick.
  10. Birth of a Nation; This has to be the top one on the list, it is so racially wrong in so many ways. One hundred years ago. I remember watching this in my film studies class and was just so shocked by it. Times have changed and this silent film certainly spoke volumes.

Being in two politics classes I have a chance to voice out my political beliefs. Do I care enough to carry it as my blog posts in another source of entertainment? No, I am not as comically based as John Stewart, or Steven Colbert, though I wish. Nor do I have the attention span to write about politics on a given basis. I like politics for what it’s worth, simple as that.


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