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Patriots vs Steelers Matchup and The emerging Raiders and Rams

Patriots opened up last night with a full blast intense week one win. Much like the playoff run that gave us heart attacks from the Ravens to the Seahawks. During the first quarter there was an occurrence of New England broadcasting 98.5 that went through the airwaves into the Steelers’ heads but also the Patriots’. This lead to a quarter without communication from coach to the players or other personnel.

Mike Tomlin was disgraced and put up a whiny fit about it. Are you kidding me? Again with this? “Head Gate” Scott Zolak’s banter may be tough to listen to, so maybe that’s it. Tomlin doesn’t like Beef or show ponies. That’s what it’s all about you guys, don’t you understand?

Zolak has the banter and the rough rugged voice for play calls, but a quarter without your headset is fine, we took ours out too Pittsburgh.

After all a 28-21 win came so gracefully. Dion Lewis looks like a fun electric player. Shades of Kevin Faulk anyone? And not just because of the #33.

Gronk is in mid-season form, looks like the Gronk cruise stepped him up a bro notch. Just what we need. This season will be a clinic for Gronk, I’m callin for 20 touchdowns this year, dude is just locked in.

rob-gronkowski.jpg (600×686)

With the Patriots winning 28-21, we got the rest of the Sunday games to call for our attention.

Whether in tune with your fantasy lineups or fascinated with other teams, there’s a couple teams that may have a new identity this season.

The Raiders, and Rams.

Yes, that’s right, The Raiders, and Rams. The Raiders will progressively perform with youth talent and now with a duo in Cooper and Carr it should be fun. The team has a young defense, and possibly the second funnest player to watch in Khalil Mack. First being Watt of course. They just picked up Aldon Smith, and have a front line that looks scary and under the radar. 9-7 season and dare I say wild card?

derek-carr-4-of-the-oakland-raiders-celebrates.jpg (594×396)

The Rams have a quarterback change who has proven himself to be good enough for the starting job, now you give this guy a dome, and some young receivers, he’s got daylights ahead of him for paydirt. Foles and Gurley will be a nice combo and one two punch. Defensively they are able to hold their own, and have proved it late in last season. 9-7 season for them too in this wild west division.

PI-NFL-Rams-Nick-Foles-Todd-Gurley-060215.vadapt.620.high.77.jpg (620×348)


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