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Fantasy Football Blues Desperation Time

Fantasy football already need some dire help? Don’t have a single win yet this year? Yeah that makes two of us. And those of you reading, that are having a great year yeah keep bragging. It’s crazy every week I feel like I am making these pivotal moves and genius free agent wire pickups that it will work for something. Well I knew something had to be changed picked up Travis Benjamin, and Matt Jones I felt that surely it would work and come through as a sure fire win this week.

Ha! Yeah right. 1 point for Matt Jones after a fumble in the endzone that turned out to be a touchback. Perfect, just perfect. 24 points last week what a bonehead move to let alone start him. Guess it shows I am desperate in week 3. Travis Benjamin with 8 points, that is mediocre compared to his 29 the previous week. My bench had no comparison so it was an all around shit show. I should’ve started Amir Abdullah to tie the game. Even though he put up 9 it would’ve made a difference.

Yeah perfectly describes my season.. Hope all you fantasy die hards are playing better than me and my gambling loose cannon play style. If you are in the same boat, well I feel ya. Good thing this is my third league that I use because the other two I am undefeated.

If you wanna hear any fantasy advice, at least take a look at Chris Johnson, and Devonta Freeman. Also Rishard Matthews where the hell did he come from, is he another Travis Benjamin emerging from the mediocre shadows? A good little steal for flex next week, and a huge steal if you can get him. Well take those words for what you will. After unleashing my aforementioned fantasy record you’ll probably want to stay away. I will prevail!


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