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A Sibling’s Rivalry With Gavin Galloway and Corbin Galloway

I am going to continue my tributed series, if you will. All of these bios are of my friends, and I would like to shine the light on their lives. I have covered my friend’s Dillon and Jack thus far, and here is a double bio.

Gavin Galloway, and Corbin Galloway. The men of all men. The biggest competitors you’d ever want to meet. These two are also part of our crew, but for their sibling rivalry they both like to out do each other with no boundaries.

Gavin, 19 is an avid rock climber and is limitless in every hold and boundary he takes. Bouldering to free climbing, he idolizes the likes of the late Dean Potter, Daniel Woods and Alex Honnold to name a few. There is no limit with this kid he will test his might every time and he is only in his second complete year of climbing. He will venture out for some out west climbing soon enough. You may find him in New Hampshire, or Massachusetts finding some of the most technical notches where just a finger tip may be the only key to holding you, as he holds up from a good fifty plus feet. “You’re nuts kid.” Gavin continues to keep at it, and competes at every cost. It is great to see a passion and fondness in climbing like the way he climbs. Follow him on Instagram for updates and his impressiveness and defying climbs. Not only that but the road trip we took to Nashville, that brought out more adventure in us. Gavin is an up and coming climber to keep your eye on fure.


And of course Corbin giving Gavin the pep talk as he climbs up. Probably not a pep talk though, probably something like “Gavin you’re fat and you can’t do this f****.”

Ahh brothers, you can fill in the blanks and everything but the words help.

Corbin has also taken it up a notch with his climbs, after all their sibling rivalry competes with just about everything. Corbin a future Navy Seal and at just 17, has competed at junior weight lifting competitions, has started hunting and his idols are Marcus Lattrell and Chris Kyle. He represents the hard work and to just pull through despite injuries. Being the younger to Gavin he competes just as much if not more than Gavin. When either of them win over another it’s an entertaining sight to see let me tell you. When they lose just expect a wrestling or full on fight at the end of it. Just as a brother should. Corbin’s dedication to working out and staying fit on the football team has made him worthy of the captain role for sure. Hell, he even snags snapping turtles out of the water with his bare hands!


Sibling rivalry is one thing, but when it’s everyday it’s fuckin nuts. These bros are some next level shit, not to mention they like to party, hit em up.


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