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Baseball Playoffs and Predictions

Cubbies got the win over the cards, 6-3 after a disasterous second inning for the Cardinals. This team has the right makings to making it. A must root for. However these are the Cardinals you know they will be a lot tougher than this in the series. My instinct is obvious with the Cubs here, Arrietta on the mound, back to Wrigley we go.

483885002-kyle-schwarber-of-the-chicago-cubs-dexter-gettyimages.jpg (594×396)

The Rangers are also a fun team that rallies and comes to win when you least expect them to. They are a team full of scrappers and speedsters. Not to mention, they came out of nowhere to get into the playoffs and win the division, they were counted out by most, but now they are looking like the real deal. Napoli with a beard makes him automatically clutch with hits, it’s crazy. With a 2-0 lead you have to realize they are ready to put the cleat onto the throat for the kill. 

Rangers-Tigers-Baseball.jpg (800×533)

The Astros, and the Royals, Rasmus showing off the skills to show why he needs to be in the postseason, after all those years of not having a sniff of even thinking about being there, lookin good. Both of these teams have slipped late in the year into the play offs so you gotta think how it will effect both of them in the rest of the series. Astros Rangers series I’m thinkin.

470136046-colby-rasmus-of-the-houston-astros-bats-gettyimages.jpg (594×395)

Dodgers and Mets, what the hell Chase Utley, man that was vicious. You didn’t mean it but come on now, you were rivals with the Mets the last twelve years as a Phillie you can’t tell me it was 100% accidental. I like the Mets as under dogs and you gotta know that Cespy is the man to rally around. Cubs vs Mets


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