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Cubs Beat Cardinals and Move on to NLCS for First Time Since 2003

So remember my last post when I said the Cubs were going to beat the Cardinals? Yeah, I meant it, but at the same time it was wishful thinking, I mean how can you not root for the cubs. I can still remember the last time they were in the NLCS against the Marlins in 2003, I mean let’s not get into detail here but it was a colossal loss that was just at their fingers. But here we are, NLCS and against who? The Dodgers or Mets? Looks like it could be the Mets out of that series.

But honestly the Cardinals just may be their toughest opponent compared to these two teams. The pitching will be on point but the Cubs hitting has come alive! I am a Red Sox fan, but you have to feel somewhat glad for the Cubs as an outside fan.

It is riveting to know they are going to be in the NLCS. Like seriously, the Cubs beating the Cardinals is championship all on it’s own. But now to move on and face a lesser opponent what a great moment. And I don’t want to make it like the other team will be supremely undermined, but let’s be real they are no Cardinals. The smashing of six home runs was incredible. Shwarbs who started it out and bam they hit the ground running, let’s see if the momentum can continue, because this team is the most fun to watch this season. I felt the playoffs were in hopes this season with the additions of Maddon, Lester, Fowler, Bryant, Russell and Soler Oh and not to mention your potential Cy Young Award winner in Arrieta with 22 wins this season. All young guns with the power. These additions were in hopes but not this far that’s for sure.


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