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My Brother and Idol Jason

From playing with G.i Joe’s to being the G.i Joe. This felt too cool to be true, as a little kid. His courage has been admirable. Now ten years later from his service we spend long nights, with long talks. Beers in hand, you name it.

I’m talking about my brother Jason. He’s fourteen years older than me. My sister Nicole is fifteen years older than me. Yeah crazy right? From the time he went off to Afghanistan in 2002, I didn’t know what was going on. Being my eight year old self I hadn’t distinguished everything that was happening. All I knew was that my brother was taking pride in his country at a time where we needed him the most. After a year since 9/11, his patriotism spoke more than words. Patriots winning the super bowl in 2001 was all that he needed to see to surmount his forthcoming march. It was always his desire to go into the service, it created a great deal of respect to him as a person.


Talking to him about his service these days is all about the good times with his mates, and how much of a different world it was like. Nothing like the hoo-rah, and violent “I’ll kill them all” mentality. It was more or less a look into another perspective with all of what’s around you. He has always been my role model, and we happily have fond memories, music, movies and fun times. Being at the age that I am now, 21. I find his words all so inspiring. Jason came back in 2005 after four strong years in the army.


Jason far left, me in the front, Grampy in the back, and my sister on the right.

Jason far left, me in the front, Grampy in the back, and my sister Nicole on the right.

I cannot thank him enough for his service, but let alone being my brother. His wisdom and mindset is all inspiring. We like to goof around, dress up, make silly movies, and just spend times being happy more than not.

His fondness for sports is all intriguing, we’d have games of trivia, and quiz each other on different player’s colleges, I’d ask something like, “What college did Drew Brees go to?” “Purdue” Jason would say, in an instant. He’d get me on some of the most obvious players, I might’ve stumped him once. If I’m lucky.

Jason’s taste in music and movies is great, and worth noting to this site as Movies Sports and Music With a Twist of Indie. He throws in some that sneaked beneath me. Jason is a cool cat, a strange cat he’d say, but nah. He’s a real bro, and certainly someone I look up to.


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