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Product Placements Ugh

Watching movies for a matter of its first five minutes can create an annoucense for some people, for other’s they couldn’t give two shits.

I didn’t care for a while. But when I delved into the movie world it was product placement, was what annoyed me more and more. Only when it is done right. Just don’t choke me with that product, god damn.

Product placement can be annoying especially when it’s Apple, or Coke. Something about it, it feels so ungenuine and pretentious. Much like a lot of director’s they tend to dislike it also. However when the offer is there how can you not take it?

I think it only annoys me when the majority of the movie is ran around, and is the underlying subject within the movie. I feel the sense of it being important, but with the case of the movie “Chef” for example, throughout the entire movie you see them reference twitter to represent them, but it almost felt like it was the only way for El Jefe food truck to make it relevant.

It’s like ugh. All my opinion, but it feels gimmicky and not genuine. For the case of the movie Chef, it was over the top. A good movie I thought, but the only kicker would be the constant product placement. Director Tarantino has said in many interviews that he despises product placement. I can see why he would feel that way. I can agree at this point of watching movies. Even though Tarantino talked about McDonald’s Big Mac’s and Burger King Whoppers in Pulp Fiction.

I can understand it, and there’s no ways of getting around it, but that’s where a made up/ generic brand can come into play. Becoming mentioned in movies shows them as the giant conglomerate as they are. As the viewer I don’t think you can’t help it to notice every brand and marketing ploy. It all depends on how critical you are as a viewer Even if it is for a brief moment.

Take “Big Daddy” for instance, it’ brief and it’s hilarious. Egg McMuffin mm that’s some good shit.

Also sometimes watching a movie with nothing but product placement in a movie it gets too over the top. It’s too “brandy”.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is another example, it worked as a huge marketing strategy.White Castles sales boosted incredibly since the movie’s release.

Back to The Future it worked there too with theĀ DeLorean Motor Company.I see it’s importance. However it is a car what else are you going to expect you can’t dance around every brand in the world. Here it came out and worked. But jeeze some movies have a motive that is only driven to advertisements. I mean I know most movies are but it’s not like the viewers see it firsthand.

It takes me back to the classics, and the movies with out it in your face. The Criterion Collection, and all that is represented.


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