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Patriots Stay Undefeated

Patriots played the Jets today in what was a nail biting final three minute win.

New York always plays the Patriots tough, and I am not complaining because it makes for some highly entertaining viewing. The second half was a struggle for New England, and all around struggle for the ground game. Yeah when Tom Brady is your leading rusher you know somethings up. Given to the fact Dion Lewis was injured and you hardly saw Legarrette Blount. James White tried but was more of a scat back with a series of catches for first downs. Just good defense all around for New York they deserve more credit, they are a team that is built to win now, offensively not so much. Todd Bowles is a great coach, his defensive mind is already seen in his first season. New England still struggled to maintain good coverage, except for some good plays here and there. All around exciting victory for the Patriots 30-23.

Danny Amendola, again coming through after the ten dropped passes from the Patriots. Five of them going to LaFell. Rusty much? Next week, against Miami who is brand new, and put a straight up shalacking to the Texans, 44-26. Tannehill was practically immaculate. Will be interesting to see for Thursday Night Football. New coach and new system, things appear to be clicking.

jets-v-new-england-patriots.jpg (635×441)

I swear TB’s TD sneaks are the best ever. 16 touchdowns in his 16 years.


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