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The Ultimate Blood Curdling Sequel That Is Scarier Than The Original!

imagine being atop a set of a spiraling stairwell that leads you to a ancient darkness with screaming truths. It can be hard for people to imagine terrifying, disturbing things to pop into their lives. We are all creatures of comfort who like to stick what we know .

That’s were movies come in to tell the ugly truth and the spine chilling glory of what can really go on in the dismal deepth of desolation. So you have trouble trying to summon up an idea of where evil comes from eh? Well leave that up to the Writers and Dircters of the world

There have been decades since film was around, nearly century, were visionaries have lead folklores, myths, and ghost stories into the public domain. So, to kick of Halloween this year, we have a list of 5 horror sequels to touch base on! Why the measly sequels you ask? Well, in an industry so over indulged in cruddy remakes and rehashs – it is a sweet breath of crisp air whenever we get a continuation of a movie that we original adore.

Think of the original films of the top of that same dark stairwell looking down. We watch these cinamatic gore feasts and enthralling mysteries and we die inside its poetic realm of madness and we drown in the bloody excitement of axe maniac euphoria. It’s hard enough to make a film, especially in horror, that stands the test of time. But to do it twice ? Bravo.

Let’s sit back, deep under the cozy covers, and hope no one is lurking with piercing preying eyes through the back window as we read on.

  1. Silence Of The Lambs: What?! How could a movie that won so many acasemy awards be a sequel ? That ain’t right is it? Well yes and no. You see Silence of the Lambs is movie based of a novel from the Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon Triolgy, which resolves along detectives solivng grizzly crimes . Manhunter a movie from 1986 was a movie based of the first book in the triology called Red Dragon. It started William Petersen (CSI) and Tom Noonan (House Of The Devil and was a stand alone psychological thriller. It even has a whooping 94% on rotten tomatoes today. Well, this movie was considered amazing……… Until just 5 years later, a movie called Silence Of The Lambs came out! Though it isn’t an official sequel to the movie Manhunter, technically it is the second book inside of the Red Dragon Trilogy. ……Silence Of The Lambs came out in 1991. Brilliantly directed by Jonathan Demme (Philadelphia)   Starring Jody Foster (Panic Room) as sexy and gutsy Detective Clarice. Anthony Hopkins (Bram Stokers Dracula) as Masterful lunatic Hannibal Lecter and Ted Levine (Monk) as the iconic and bizzare Buffalo Bill. This movie racked in acadamy awards, terrified millions and self made an iconic picture that’ll stand the test of time. Not only is Hannibal Lecter an iconic villian right up there with Darth Vader and Michael Myers, but he is an interesting specimen of human darkness, even if he may be fictional. Yes. There was a movie in 2002 called Red Dragon, starring Edward Norton (which has nothing to do with Manhunter)  which is now a seqeul to S.O.T.L. so in weird way this movie is a sequel to itself and a original movie to itself. Yes that’s what I said, as hard as it is to grasp, its true.

So with all that brief history shed, I hope you can appreciate the dedication and iconic glory this film bbrought to the table and next time someone says “sequels suck!” Make sure you let them know not to let Mr. Lecter know what, or else he’ll bite your face off!

Happy Halloween folks.Go out and enjoy some classic horror flicks on this cold autumn evening where the souls lurk. Be safe

Written By Dillon A. (Horror Journalist)


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