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Autumn Recap From The Week That Was

New Harry Potter series?

Yup got some prequels coming out! Released news today. New cast, and J.K Rowling will be writing the scripts. Exciting news for all you Potter peeps out there!

Also new Kick Boxer movie coming out! Eh no Van Damme I think I will Van pass then.

New movies out, new music out with leaves falling off the trees. Seems like it is only perfect time of year to be in tune with music, movies and sports.

Recap, Royals with the deciding 5th game win on Sunday. What a series it was, and the first title for KC in 30 years. Salvador Perez World Series MVP.

So with that happening, and the Pats winning, as well as the Panthers,Bengals, and Broncos. Four teams left who hold the title of undefeated. With Denver defeating Green Bay it came as a strong surprise. Surely didn’t see that coming. And you can bet I didn’t see it coming for C.J. Anderson to have a decent game of over 100 yards rushing.


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