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Notable Movember Mustaches

I have to apologize for not posting on the basis that this site would like to. Indieball added an additional man Dillon Adair who you may have read the previous posts about horror movies, and video log reviews from Halloween. Good old Dill, I’ll be sure to have him post his reflections and ideas here more often, for they are unique and perfect for the site.

Well November is in full swing. Sort of I mean it’s only the 4th what the fuck am I talking about? Anyway, whether you follow the tradition or not. “No Shave November”. Here is a list, of the best staches in the business. The business of movies, sports and music. And if some missed the cut, because you know they will, please feel free to comment your own list!

66ac82d96ddf6c39e59ea016a9070d3d.jpg (282×350)

Burt Reynolds. Nuff said.

4111ee4f8c21a5e7c315f1184cd7b157.jpg (523×778)

Daniel Day Lewis, yet again there is no beating him. His role in Gangs of New York put him in my book for an iconic stache

charlie-chaplin-213x300.jpeg (213×300)

Even though I’m only covering a certain time period in film, there is no disregarding Chaplin in any circumstance.

06-ferrell.jpg (500×330)

Ron Burgandy. “Ahh yes.” “My stache smells like scotch, ahh scotchy scotch, scotch.”

15famousmustaches_7.jpg (535×335)

Whether it’s all a joke or not, words can’t describe his “very nice” mustache.


prince-mustache-e1415044630662.jpg (800×647)

Prince’s mustache is in a league of it’s own.

Jim-Croce.jpg (240×247)

Jim Croce. Authentic 70’s stache right there.

tumblr_mpstapKvzw1rpymzho1_500.gif (480×360)

Dave Grohl now rolls with the full time goatee but the mustache is always a potential, Grohl can roll with just about anything and still rock.

5a8ba53fe49ee9b0635e76e8e0c05f9f_600x400.jpg (500×400)

Frank Zappa sure had some meat to his stache. Everything was bold and wild with him.

jaredallen.jpg (475×594)

  Jared Allen had, probably still has the best stache in the NFL but his viking days were legendary with long hair to go with it.

Rollie-mustache.jpg (666×800)

Rollie is still going strong with this mustache, a true thing of beauty.

aaron.jpg (555×348)

Aaron Rodgers used to rock a sweet fu manchu.


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