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Cable is Dying Before Our Eyes

Can Cable TV Survive? That is the hot question. As I am evolving past the capital margin of Cable TV my parents, are placed in the same spot as they were for the last thirty years.

For as long as I can remember, being raised on Cable Television was the luxury, and Saturday morning cartoons came at no compromise. I was watching all the shows that I thought was the ultimate package, that is now merely just an awakening all in itself. What a luxury, and what a deal I would think to myself. Now no one wastes any time to bash the once prime time contender that is Cable. Thanks Rob Lowe, and now seemingly every football player that is sponsored by Direct TV.

The idea of people watching only a handful of channels from their hundreds of channels for outrageous amounts of money is completely accurate. When it comes to the shows that people want to watch it will be chosen by consumers that access the internet on “Hulu”, “Netflix”. Cable TV needs to make a monumental change to survive.

However I have a demographical observation, I think cable TV lives and breathes off of people who are not internet savvy. The fogies, or the uncooperative population who are merely sick of internet all together. And let us not forget the about the digital divide in areas where internet isn’t available in the first place.

With that being said my dad doesn’t understand how to connect the internet to a TV, and does not understand what WiFi is, and is perfectly fine with his cable television. So for as long as we may know it the older generation will go out with cable TV’s current pace and find it perfectly fine. All because they aren’t bothered compared to what the internet has to provide for them. Older demographics now feel the need to adapt, but hardly to a degree to be choosing to a system that is fully ran on the internet if they aren’t one hundred percent comfortable with it in the first place.

Netflix/Hulu users, and all the transportable access make it simple for the age group I’m in to see that it is the future. The idea of having the choice really changes the game and I agree with it. Something that previous generations will be mind blown with. There is the new idea however to be able to choose what channels you want for cable.

You look at Yahoo, being a provider of on the time news, now being able to be streamed to watch football games. Just two weeks ago we had a game in London, Bills vs Jaguars. “See it With The World” became the slogan. The progression is slowly making its way to a fully hands on internet world. Perhaps it isn’t wrong to think that cable TV won’t survive,unless there’s a monumental change in the way the business is ran.

For instance my mom and my dad are both victims to cable TV and their outrageous prices with the idea of triple play. Both still own a landline, and are afraid to get off the triple play because it will cost more. I have told them numerous times that maybe it will be beneficial to just have Netflix and connect to the web.

Overall this Cable TV is dying and it won’t survive without the likes of a radical change. A change that is both innovative and well let’s be honest, cost efficient.

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