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Boston Sports Recaps

Patriots looking to bulk up another running back after the injury to Dion Lewis.

The injury took place last Sunday vs the Redskins on a non contact injury. A torn ACL is what we all feared. This has now become the fan’s reality. Potentially now, Pierre Thomas, or Robert Turbin, or resign Travaris Cadet? Expect some interesting signings that may follow for this weekly match up against the NY Giants. The Patriots Giants game at 4:15. Where New England would like to remain undefeated. The Giants have found ways to rack up points, and force turnovers, this match up will come at a test the Patriots have not seen before this season.

Red Sox news: Dombrowki, is very adamant on willing to pursue Aroldis Chapman of the Reds. The move may come at a tough compromise, but the team is in dire need of pitching, bullpen help, and a closer. The 100 mph is no joke, and Boston wants a taste of that. The hot stove only begins.

The Boston Bruins fell to the Colorado Avalanche last night 3-2. After a 2-0 lead, the Avalanche score three unanswered. Former Bruin Carl Soderberg being a big component to the teams victory. The Bruins will look to bounce back tomorrow at 7 against the Red Wings.

Celtics vs Hawks tonight. The Celtics lost a tough one the Pacers two nights ago, and will look to soar a long with the Atlanta Hawks. The Celtics have shown composure and a want to win, as a young team, and the need for no superstar is showing something that will be in the works for years to come. The newest rumor is the potential trade for DeMarcus Cousins. Draft picks for Cousins, it’s worth a consideration, as a big man is a dire need for the Celtics.

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