Memento Remake They Must Have Memento

Memento getting a remake? Is this a joke? Good god, there is absolutely no need, how dumb. I am dumbfounded by this idea, did they miss the boat and not even see the original? Did they not interpret the genius of Christopher Nolan which is easily my favorite movie.

Movies need ideas, and recreations are a constant. Hey let’s give Clockwork Orange a remake! (not really) but you’d figure by now they would’ve.

But hello? Memento is only 16 years old, not even. Jesus, wait another 15 years till you can remotely think about doing this, if at all.

No word on who is directing this or who is acting in it. To my knowledge anyway. I will watch it, but I’ll probably want to have memento while watching this movie because I can already feel it will be under major scrutiny. I guess the movie flew under the radar so much that it will be done again, oh now it will boom now you think huh? Oh with this brilliant idea given by Nolan, it will now be remade and everyone will grow to love it by it’s commercialized success on social media. Wonderful.


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