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Tristen Page Crazy Boy

Ever have that first friend who understood you under any context? Despite how weird you were and what your actions were there was always the unbreakable bond. The childlike meandering and the constant, “if you don’t give me your toy I won’t be your friend.” Oh how I hated that.

Someone who comes to mind is my friend Tristen, my first best friend. Being five years old, wide eyed and reckless kids.  The group of friends we had really brought out some interesting characters. One was the redneck, I was the skater, and he was the crazy boy. Out of friend’s when we’d fight and wrestle we used to shake an imaginary cage and rattle it, and intimidate crazy boy. Oh you best beware, and cover your nut sack because you will be kicked in the balls. You’ll get served! Ya know the typical 2004 backyard wrestling? The Tony Hawk games, the skating. The once upon a time edgey music of Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, and Simple Plan. Tristen and I used to pretend to be Tom Delonge of Blink-182, or Deryck Whibley of Sum 41. Aka the early days of faux punk, and edgey-ness with flames on button down shirts with sunglasses and frosted tips.

tumblr_ltl0zf3K8Y1r3tgito1_500.jpg (500×399) Deryck-deryck-whibley-11244687-480-600.jpg (480×600)

Ah to be ten years old. We had some gracious times. The time period was of essence to our youth. The early 2000’s reigned as our generation. 90’s kids, but more so early 2000’s kids. A lot of people will shoot down the time period of then, and the time period of now. Whatever there’s nothing you can do about it. Just be you, and create you’re own reality mixing the times together.


Me on the far left, Tyler in the middle, Tristen far right. 



Anyway, Tristen was my best friend, we were true bro’s. Tristen has always been passionate but also never gave a fuck. He’d mess with bees nests to this day, shooting Nerf missiles and you name it. He’s a reckless kid. We’d always hangout, until he moved to Oklahoma in 5th grade, my friend suddenly moved away and was lost from that bond. Crazy boy no more, and the same things we liked before changed. I saw him when he visited last year for the first time in five years. We both looked at each other and thought it was time. I rattled the imaginary cage, “He is out of control, watch out everybody, crazy boy is coming to get ya!” The neighbors and people on the sidewalk were laughing hysterically.

It was until then that he realized he is an adult and he now felt weird doing this. The 18 year old self in himself felt like a weirdo, a kid with a problem.

I guess that idea became scrapped but at least we tried, we brought back the crazy boy for merely ten minutes.


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