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Patriots Lose in the Best Way Possible

Well, New England is no longer undefeated thanks to C.J. Anderson’s 48 yard touchdown run. I fell asleep, yes I fell asleep. I was exhausted and only saw the first half. Not seeing these plays unravel before me actually is great my case, because in real time I would have been fuming through the roof. Finding out after the fact though, is just purely shock. It is also equally infuriating that C.J. Anderson scored the touchdown, because I dropped him in my fantasy league after leaving some of the most lackluster numbers of the season. But nooo low and behold he has the best game of the season against an underrated Patriots defense. The calls by the refs were controversial throughout the game, like the Chung call, the Gronk pass interference. You’ve heard it all so there’s no point to ramble on it. I really am so glad to have missed the rest of this game. Of course today I am catching up on the game today, and disecting every key play. I skip ESPN like the black plague whenever the Patriots lose however.

For the Broncos to beat the Patriots in the way they did though is frightening with injuries from Edelman, Amendola, and now Gronk. Thankfully there are reports that Gronk is actually just dealing with a knee strain. Looks to be a week or two at most. Pats seriously dodged a serious bullet from what was almost season ending.

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This is plain and simply a character gaining game. New England gained newly found character, and will move on to the Eagles. Where to be honest is the best scenario for this team to regroup health wise and mentally. The Philadelphia Eagles have been sliced and diced throughout the season and look like a giant mess. So by all means sitting Gronk should be in the agenda anyhow. Amendola too, hell this team can go deep with Bolden and burn them that way, or stick with Chris Harper for a redemption. ( I joke, kinda..)

All in all the Patriots lost but it was the best loss we’ve had in a long time. The Patriots perhaps went too conservative around halftime, and the second half to begin, and too many pass attempts to Chandler, but who else do ya got? Clock management was also a head scratcher in this one. The calls and no calls are worth mentioning, but by what Felger of CSNNE has mentioned “it seems like anything our way is an upheaval of arms, yet it is also completely unfair among the other teams in the league.” in the words of Aaron Rodgers, “R-E-L-A-X” This Denver defense stepped it up no doubt, but things could and should have been a lot worse.



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