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Cults and Classics November Movies

Well, well, well long time no movie cults and classics post. My reason being, that October was mostly for the horror, and Dillon took it away with his vlogs, and horror writings.

No we’re back on track, finely tuning what the decent November movies brought to us. The list includes cults, and classics. The cults and classics that came out in November, and perhaps on this date. Seeing how it is the 30th I am closing in on what was a decent month in the theaters.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Released November 21st,  1975 

This movie is a classic hands down. Nicholson knocks it out of the park. The movie brings out timeless and divine moments, that feels good to the soul. The book holds it’s own that is better than the movie, but this isn’t a newsflash for movies being made from books. The story potrayals so much of what is uplifting in life, through a character that speaks volumes in ways that chaos is apart of life. I got the message of make the most of what you do, and who you are.

What an iconic scene, my favorite in the entire movie. Jack shows off his imagination, and purely genius acting style that gets overlooked.

Meet Joe Black: Release date November 13, 1998

This movie feels very culty for some reason. The movie holds this subtle and intricate romance that is held through soulful activity upon meeting first time. By the second time around the life encounters are nearly heartbreaking for the viewer, and all so inviting at the same time. You lose this talkative man in Brad Pitt in the beginning, and he becomes quite literally a soul-less being that you want back so badly as the viewer. The ending couldn’t have ended any better. The movie has every intention and every way to tug at your heart strings.


The Night of the Hunter: Release date November 24, 1955

Easily one of the best movies I have ever seen. Classic in every way, but I can also see it being a cult movie. Especially this time period, with it being a part of the Criterion Collection. Visually stunning and the lighting is absolutely wonderful. I had stumbled upon this movie about three months ago and finding this was purely gold. This movie was referred to me from a friend. Ever since I have just been englossed by Robert Mitchum’s performance. His rhetoric throughout is sheer brilliance and endearing in every way.

This scene is so brilliant and unique, shows the ability of the antagonist, Mitchum who’s singing is almost bringing everyone together at once. And the care taker sings with him in a moment of neutrality, or so it seems like it. A vulnerability unlike no other. The director Charles Laughton’s only film and it is a true shame.

No Country for Old Men: Release Date November 21st, 2007

Really a classic, Javier Bardem deserved the Oscar for his take on a no nonsense high intense thrilling killer. The coin flip still sends chills down my spine.


Walk the Line: Release Date November 18th, 2005

The story of Johnny Cash, done completely in the way that he would have wanted it done. Seems like you see more and more biographies and biopics these days of people who’s story was told in a context so far from the truth, but here it is done hand and hand on the right measure. It touched some sensitive topics of his life, and magnified it, but not to the point of it being overblown and I think that is what should be mentioned, and noticed.

51FRXCjHkvL.jpg (351×500)

Leon The Professional : Release Date November 18, 1994

Cult movie, but also a classic. This movie spun me around in a way that I wasn’t expecting. A hit man takes after a girl who is much more mature than she comes off to be. A movie that had to sit with me a couple of days after watching it. Undoubtedly a surprise and stellar acting jobs from Jean Reno (Leon) and Gary Oldman (Stansfield). Natalie Portman also bursting onto the scene with her debut movie. She was discovered in a pizza parlor for her now impressive acting career. You can’t make this stuff up. This is a solid movie to watch, timeless.

leontheprofessional_article.jpg (600×425)

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