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Finals Week and All That Jazz

What a week! Sorry folks been meaning to write on here but with school and finals it is just not happening. Hell the time to even watch movies, or listen to music seems nearly impossible. But what do I do? Watch them anyway. Should be studying for my trigonometry final but instead Adam Sandler’s “Eight Crazy Nights” will do.

I am a communications major, but I am liberal arts with Communication concentration. So thus having me taking classes like math and science, and all that fun stuff. Not…

So thanks you subscribers and followers for your patience of my posts, I am going to get right back to it once I get the chance to. Looks like that chance is now.

Interesting news that I bring to you all, I have an internship awaiting for me next semester. Not a given, need to put the work forward. It is a radio internship, or writing for the newspaper. My number one choice is radio, but by any means I will take whatever is accepted and try at will to get anything. Within my written emails and letters I have mentioned this blog site numerous times to say why I should be a candidate to talk about these things.

During this process, with finals, holiday scrambling, cranky and annoying family there is a lot to think about these coming weeks and days. How to cope with it all? Go see Star Wars tomorrow! Ha yeah if you have the tickets or if you want to wait over night at the movie theater line. I wish I was that dedicated of a fan. Music? Well oh man listen to the band Growlers, they have a nice coping sound that is nostalgic in every way. Plus if you are into that laid back touch by all means take it away.

Lastly sports, well the Patriots are decimated with injuries. Adding  Leonard Hankerson, some offensive tackles and former Broncos running back Montee Ball, and potentially Steven Jackson. Legarrette Blount goes down for the season, another name to the list. This is bar none the most depth the Patriots have ever had and that is worthy of taking notice.

With all of that said and updated, take care this holiday season and drink up, cheers!



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