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O’dell Beckham Jr. Old School ODB

O’dell Beckham jr. has been suspended for one game. After what was a game for the ages Beckham now faces the consequences. Josh Norman did his best to challenge the receiver with no catches in the first half, but it later became much more than a game. It became a weak and savage move for OBJ to spear his helmet into Josh Norman’s helmet. You can call it dirty, and you can call it disrespectful, but above all it made for some great  viewing and TV.

Can’t remember the last time I saw the same amount of chippiness on the field that was portrayed on Sunday. It reminded me of some of the raw and old school days of football. However is that a good thing or bad, I say half and half.

OBJ on the other hand is his image now changed? How can it not? He’s a gamer, and he’s an undeniable talent but will the catch still over mass his aggressiveness and dirty play? Only time will tell.

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