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Christmas, Football recaps and Star Wars

Everyone have a Merry Christmas? Santa Bring you the goods and the Christmas Miracles?

Did you unleash your inner Drake and do the ole Hot Line Bling? Rhetorical question, but nevertheless hope you got your favorite albums and got your favorite flicks, and saw your favorite teams win.

With that being said the Panthers are no longer undefeated so everybody hop off the bandwagon, and please halt to the dabbings please oh please. The Patriots lost in what was the most bizarre ending to a game, a coin toss. The Patriots defer to receive and came back to get them. Patriots still hold the best record in the AFC and hold number ranking. Also the Cardinals put a stomping on Green Bay 38-8. Don’t look now but The Arizona Cardinals the best team in football with eight straight victories.

I am off to see Star Wars for the second time tomorrow, the first time was a wowzer, second time will be an easier explanation and will be a thrill for the effects. Surely a bonafide movie to go see. Makes you forget all about the awful CGI’d prequels from the early 2000’s. CGI then was a time where we thought we made the ultimate step into technology but boy wasn’t that a joke? That was then, those were the days.



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