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The Hateful Eight Review

Well, it certainly had the Tarantino vibe to it. The film had the right vibes to it as well. The Hateful Eight is a visual revelation, showcasing multiple spectacular performances portraying a (generally) brilliant screenplay in a way only QT could bring to the silver screen (literally in the 70mm roadshow case). Quite frankly, I adored his callbacks to the golden age of cinema, but ultimately I found this film to be lacking any real substance and I thought that it lost it’s momentum in the second half of the film.

Gripping and downright amazing, I will watch for a second time that is for sure. Best Tarantino movie since Inglorious Basterds in opinion.

Not to mention the amount of corny cliches there were but this is a good thing. Totally a good thing, so much of the western style that just touched upon everything that is right with Tarantino. The violence and bloodshed left it to a good second half of the film which is the way it should be.

10 out of 10. Still  The cast is neither a miss nor a home run. More or less a Tarantino working with casts the best he can. As a Tarantino fan I feel I may have a higher expectation or a different take than someone who isn’t a fan. As a fan it is appreciated that his ideas were made to this degree.

The second half left me wanting more and struck  with the same enthusiasm, and the same gumption as it started. Definitely of the few that had me wanting more after the three hours were up, and I don’t say that often. Like I said of the few. Action thrilled to every beat, much similar like you see in some cowboy western shoot em up movies No problem, still a remarkable viewing.

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