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The Twilight Zone is Still the Best

Being a little kid I would always watch the Twilight Zone marathons around New Years Eve, and New Years. An annual tradition. My dad would always put it on, for he is a fan too.

The older I got, the more I realized how far and ahead The Twilight Zone was in front of any other science fiction show on the planet. Without TZ where is the influence? Where’s the genius behind Rod Serling? Quite frankly there’s a few episodes that I have never seen before last night and I was left in complete awe.

Rod Serling’s charismatic ability to put his writing, and acting together is truly a revelation. Rod Serling still holds true as being of the best.

rod.jpg (640×480)

The Twilight Zone comes with twists, turns, and  really out of nowhere ideas. The way of thinking Serling brought was unlike any other before or after him. As a TV show in a world demanding by the government’s needs. Time and time again, watching an episode of the Twilight Zone you will see a subtle take on Serling’s opinion on a political issue or inside effect.

For example in the episode “4 O’clock” there’s a man who has a desire to want to shrink everybody who does bad things to two feet tall. His personality and take is totally a rip off of Joe McCarthy.

autobikel2.jpg (500×402)joseph_mccarthy.jpg (248×181)

Many fans have already seen this comparison, but Serling’s approach is brilliant, The twist at the very end is the best, per usual of the Twilight Zone.

With that being said The Twilight Zone offers so much more than just a scientific appeal. It offers imagination, creativity, and just a whole new way of thinking. Each episode offers great acting and a reeling approach that keeps me and many other film buffs wanting more.


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