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The Revenant Review

The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy is hands down a masterpiece. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu put his visual works to the test, and I’ll say he didn’t disappoint. With every cinematic shot catching the beauty of what is, as it is  astounding visual poetry. The film was shot in several locations with it being in Argentina, few parts of Canada, Montana, some parts of Arizona, and Mexico.

Taking place in the 1820’s leaves it all to a battle of survival. The film itself is raw, and gripping on just about every scene with developed characters who merely just want a way out for themselves. That is until Hugh Glass (Leonardo) gets attacked by a bear and has to fend for himself. After being left in the cold and in despair, he crawls to find and salvage what he can after being pronounced dead by his own men. After the brutal maulings from the grizzly bear, one man John Fitzgerald is to to believe that he is a goner, and there is no returning to full health. This is where the journey begins. The road to recovery and redemption after witnessing the murder of his son to John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). If there’s one thing that’s certain is Hugh Glass (Leonardo) takes a full beating in this movie by any occurrence that comes into his path. The success story is mesmerizing, but so aren’t the numbers and dollar signs that went into this movie.

The movie’s budget is an estimated $135 million. Gross: $54,146,167 with the box office being $474,560 in the US. Truly booming numbers. Not quite Star Wars but it sure is convincing for film fans to see this movie.

I am not going to give away any end spoilers. What I will say is the ending leaves a piece that is vengeance but also peaceful in a many ways. The test to survive is the battle of the fittest and we see here in this film that it is evident. The score, the long standing shots, not mention last but certainly not least the acting. The acting is superb in every way, and there should no problem for Leonardo to get his Oscar this year, for those who are worried about that kind of thing. Tom Hardy especially, may even land a supporting role in this film because it is just that good. For that matter I wouldn’t be surprised if the film sweeps the night away with awards.

So please movie fans, Leo fans, Hardy fans, whomever. See this movie it’s a spellbinding adventure.



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