Interview with New Hampshire Artist Nicole Murphy Fish

I met with local New Hampshire artist Nicole Murphy Fish in Wilton on Thursday. She gave me some great information, on not only what it’s like to be an artist, and what her future goals are as well.
Nicole’s artistic avenue hasn’t gone unnoticed for she has gotten the awards on eBay for her art multiple times. She has painted wall sized murals, to index sized dog paintings. Her work primarily is sold on eBay. I sat down with her for a good one on one interview.
How long have you been creating art?
“I have been painting ever since I could hold a pen at age 2 or 3.”
Looks like it’s definitely something you’ve picked up and ran with, not only as a hobby but as a way of making money.
“Right, it is a good way for me to make money for my family on the side while I’m home with the kids. I have met lots of people in this line of work and I offer custom art paintings of pet portraits”
“I specialize in animals. I am a freelance artist and illustrator, I have been the last 25 years.”
What made you want to make animal art?
“I have always been an animal lover, I love just about every animal there is and when I was a kid I would always take in stray animals with me, that is until my mom wouldn’t let me.
“Well now you have all your animals, here you live with, from a dog to donkeys.”
“Yeah I am very thankful to be living my dream of living on a farm. The animals I help continues to inspire me it helps to know that I am also known as animal artist and illustrator. It is a dream of mine to illustrate children’s books. It can just be so tough with three kids to care for.”
Do you have any words of advice to people getting into this line of work?
“I recommend if someone has a talent similar or if they’re looking for some extra money to try it out and see the opportunities may open up from it. Gotta give it a try”

Nicole has been selling her work on eBay since 2003 and has created a great following. If you want to see more of her work follow her Facebook page, “Fancy Animal Art Studio” and find her on eBay under “Colie1978”.


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