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Tribe Society’s Lucid Dreams a Must Check Album

Underrated is one of many words that come to mind when listening to the band Tribe Society, an alternative rock  band with a reinvented sound. The band’s album Lucid Dreams released on June 22nd, 2015 holds a packed punch. When talking to lead singer Gavin Merlot a few days ago, I asked if there were a lot of similarities and differences with Tribe Society compared to his former band Gentlemen Hall. “Sonically not really.” “This one is more rock, with a different era of production.”

Tribe Society’s band consists of

Gavin Merlot (vocalist and lead guitarist), Rory Given (bass guitarist), Brad Alderman, keyboard synthesizers Phil Boucher, on the drums and Seth Hachen on the flute, piccolo and synthesizers.


The album definitely holds something deep, and stoic that is creative and inspiring in which it fulfills a message of spiritually. Songs like “Kings”, “Outlaws” and “Ego” omit a feeling as it gives off the subtle nuance of “being done”, emotionally and emphatically, but rising up all at the same time. The songs that are off this album crack the code within, and give off the same theme throughout the entire album, and the sound grows and changes consistently.

The band has a nice platform to start out with that is for sure and it is exciting to see it all unravel. I am definitely inspired to hear more from this exciting band -Jake

Boston Music, Indie Music, music

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Boston Bands and Indie Bands Worthy of a check out

It’s been a long time waiting to write about Boston’s indie local scene, but here it is. A compiling of bands that are up and coming, or hidden beneath the shadows.

Bearstronaut A Boston band that formed in 2007. A distincting band that has an all original approach to write, and play tremendously. Their Boston roots give you all the more reason to listen to their music.

Animal Talk: An upbeat Boston group that have all the makings for what you can jam to. Animal Talk has an extremely catchy vibe about them, worthy of a listen.

Bent Shapes- An exclamation point with this band, they have intensity, and an upbeat vibe. Perfect for Boston. Fun! Hip! Yeah! Alright! *points finger in the form of a gun.*

Westkust- This band comes from Sweden, but the sounds are all so familiar and haunting, much like “X” or even Sonic Youth. I get that impression, it has the punk feel that you can’t help but angst with. The song Swirl did just that.

Flo Morrissey- An English singer that reigns her talents from London England. What an early impression to get from this 20 year old. She has a beautiful voice that it feels so timeless. The harmonious strings of the guitar, and harp reap slowly into your low lined heart strings, much like Lana Del Ray as a comparison, if you will. In her own right, even a Sharon Van Etten. Anyway, she is an artist to look forward to.