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Happy Record Store Day To All

Today is national record store day! Please support your local store! It is dire and let the local companies continue to thrive in the music business that is now depleting by the second due to the digital era. I’ll tell you what music on vinyl is some of the best music you can hear and today you can find just what you want.
Stores like Newbury Comics and Bullmoose really thrive in entertainment music sales today, the local stores not so much, but if you have one from where you live it is a must to support them by all means! Whether you snag the latest and hottest record or the contemporary classics let Record Store Day be a place in your heart, or a place in your playlist, if you will.
Bands like the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden still perform music within local music industries. Bands today still recognize their roots and show its appreciation by this, and the fans support them at all costs.

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Happy Easter Go Crank The Tunes

After your Easter Dinners please spend some time with your folks and family, by all means. If you aren’t about that life go watch movies and crank the tunes all day.

What I did, I found that Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” works best for the type of mood today. It sets the tone honestly and holds a sentimental tradition of what Easter should be. Relaxed, and memorable.

Simon_and_Garfunkel,_Bridge_over_Troubled_Water_(1970).png (300×300)

I then gave the ole turn table a spin with The Police, and Neil Young’s “Comes a Time” I realized now that Neil Young is one of those artists that just gets it, not to live anything in his life that is a gimmick and he sings from the heart. He indeed does have a heart of gold, but this album in particular chokes me up,  makes me think of my dad and all of the good times. Comes a time makes me think so much of changing into adulthood and really realizing things that you haven’t before, it’s that step into another part of your life that at some point everyone crosses. Whether it be adulthood or maybe just moments of realizations, there in fact does come a time.

81btZ2Ds6LL._SL1425_.jpg (1425×1425)

This does its deed for me for sure. Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”. So much can be said about this album and how one feels when channeling their life. Nick Drake’s success of course posthumously became unnoticed, and wasn’t seen in the same solidarity the poet and gifted writer wanted during that time period. Nick Drake certainly has the unknown qualities out of any musician with his given amazing talents Undoubtedly my favorite from him.

NickDrakePinkMoon.jpg (300×300)

Bob Dylan being Bob Dylan, can’t get enough of this album and just what songs lyrically he can master. Blonde on Blonde really captures the classic feel to your Sunday. As it did for me as I was sipping my PBR and twisting my beard. Just kidding folks I don’t have a beard, PBR on the other hand.. Total hipster move. Nonetheless Blonde on Blonde filled the void my ears needed to ear.

51fQxJwLMjL.jpg (500×500)

Lastly I decided to jump into some random funkiness and played some Parliament. I have my random flashes of funk, and boy does it do the trick, a jumping blaze of pure originality with head banging worthy bass. So funky, and so right I played “Flash Light” over and over. I made sure to end my music sesh on a solid upbeat note. That is with any other times make sure you end music on a solid note, it’s a major key!

album-funkentelechy-vs-the-placebo-syndrome.jpg (301×300)


I chose these three albums because of how easing, unleashing and relaxing they all are. They are the type of albums that if they repeated no one would turn and wonder why no one changed the music. After what was an extensive day of family these seemed to have hit the spot for my hungry ear.

Cheers, Jake

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The Cults and Classics of February

The winter time is never the biggest time for movies from January through March  so the search for cults and classics released within this time frame is definitely not the easiest. Every once and awhile you find some gems, and memorable ones but for the most part nothing. January and February movies are infamously known for movies that never quite deliver to grab your attention and are surely to be a complete bomb at the box office.


However, with the help of my good friend and correspondent Dillon Adair we have compiled a list of movies from this month’s release dates that weren’t so infamous, representing the Cults and Classics of February.


The Beach release date: Feb 2nd, 2000

‘The Beach’, starring a young Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tilda Swinton. Leo’s acting shows just the tip of the Iceberg to what acting chops he will accomplish for his future rolls. This movie is definitely one of his smallest and unknown rolls, but I still adore this movie for its landscapes, and paradise vibes. It all seems so precious to be within the moment of purity, and being on an island that no one knows about. Things are pure bliss, that is until things go askew and the whereabouts of the island become a known commodity. This movie is bar none a cult, it didn’t get well received, by critics, that may be because of its adaptation from the book that leave people scratching their heads. Nonetheless “The Beach” is underrated and holds intrinsic value towards original Leo fans, and those who love masterful landscapes.



The Harder They Come. release date: Feb 8th, 1973


The story of Jimmy Cliff, reggae musician whose dreams of becoming a musician is put into perspective. A young Jamaican man finds himself tied to corrupt record producers and drug pushers. This biopic is underrated, and this film does his music justice, no doubt. I have always listened to all kinds of Reggae and the record “The Harder They Come” is one of the most underrated records ever. The film maybe is not a masterpiece but the music is

This is also one of the biggest cult classics ever and it is very entertaining. The actor who played Jimmy has quite the vocal range himself. If you are a reggae fan, a Jimmy Cliff fan or just appreciate music altogether it is a must see film.



The Warriors Feb 9th, 1975


This movie is really a bit of both, being a cult and a classic. Truly brilliant angst, violence, and original on all levels. The concept is really a timeless and enchanting for just about everything. ‘The Warriors’ is a film that will make most viewers cringe at times, but you’ll forgive the shortcomings and praise with some exciting camera takes, the excellent use of music, and the good performance of David Patrick Kelly as the villainous antagonist. The character arcs are all on their own a work of great writing. The great moment in the movie is when Patrick Kelly, clicking together three soda bottles, coaxes the Warriors out of hiding by whining in what is a spur of the moment acting, “Warriors, come out and play!”



Saving Silverman Feb 9th, 2001


This movie became the revolution of all early 2000 comedies, like the American Pie series, and just about every other gag teen funny movie. ‘Saving Silverman’ however is of the few that actually worked with the help from actors Jack Black and Steve Zahn. This cult classic still never fails to make me laugh, and the chemistry between all of the characters is seemingly effortless. The endless obsessions with Neil Diamond all create a genuinality in this given film.



Silence of The Lambs February 13th, 1991


One of the most cringe worthy, and bad taste in your mouth kind of movie you could ever ask for. ‘Silence of The Lambs’ shall always live on, with the Jodie Foster’s incredible detective skills to Anthony Hopkins brilliant performance sending shivers down your spine. An absolute classic that should always be remembered. Not enough can be said, or put into words on how this movie translates into a psychological horror.



The Breakfast Club Feb 15th, 1985


Oh John Hughes, how I’ve missed your artistic directing and presence that gave us the great inspirations throughout the 80’s. My most beloved of his has to be this right here,‘The Breakfast Club’. I always admire movies that can be done in one single setting, with the same set of actors using all forms of creativity all in the same length of the movie. John Hughes’ pursuit in choosing these complete opposites says quite a lot about society in a day to day sequence. Here you have it in a school setting, 1980’s from sushi to eating pb&j’s. The rich kid or preppy girl, the bully, the jock, the weirdo, and the nerd. All in whom are serving the same amount of Saturday education time, for what was thought to be a drag became a memorable experience. Undeniably a classic.



Army of Darkness Feb 19th, 1993


Oh where to begin with this cult masterpiece? ‘Army of Darkness’ where taking from the satire end of things and tying it with some supreme violence and horror. This was a movie that paved the way for a lot of different horror comedies today. ‘Army of Darkness’ runs with spin offs and all sorts of serious moments followed up with comedic relief. The film really shows what fun can be created in the world of filmmaking with strong writing, pure creativity, and just having fun. The light is definitely shined over the darkness.


Office Space February 19th, 1999


What’s not to love about ‘Office Space’, honestly? So many quotes of “Yeah, that’d be great.”, and “You took my stapler.” After all these years it is still as funny as the first time I saw it. The fact of the matter however is that it is hardly ever mentioned, or remembered as it should be, like a ‘Clerks’, or ‘Jay and Silent Bob’. This only gives it more reason to be given the nod as a cult, and right where it should be.


Bottle Rocket Feb 21st, 1996


‘Bottle Rocket’ starring Owen and Luke Wilson in their debut acting roles, and now has since began the great start to their acting careers, as well as director Wes Anderson.’Bottle Rocket’ offers a long lasting adventure, with poignant film shots, and a clever dialogue to boot, all in which gave this movie it’s hidden treasures. Wes Anderson’s feel for his movies don’t go unappreciated, this movie was quite the start into his longed eccentric filming style. ‘Bottle Rocket’ reminds you of films you’ve seen before, but not quite in the same way and style done before, definitely a cult. The Wilson brothers have since carried on well, in their now twenty years of acting.

-Jake Pendleton,


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Finals Week and All That Jazz

What a week! Sorry folks been meaning to write on here but with school and finals it is just not happening. Hell the time to even watch movies, or listen to music seems nearly impossible. But what do I do? Watch them anyway. Should be studying for my trigonometry final but instead Adam Sandler’s “Eight Crazy Nights” will do.

I am a communications major, but I am liberal arts with Communication concentration. So thus having me taking classes like math and science, and all that fun stuff. Not…

So thanks you subscribers and followers for your patience of my posts, I am going to get right back to it once I get the chance to. Looks like that chance is now.

Interesting news that I bring to you all, I have an internship awaiting for me next semester. Not a given, need to put the work forward. It is a radio internship, or writing for the newspaper. My number one choice is radio, but by any means I will take whatever is accepted and try at will to get anything. Within my written emails and letters I have mentioned this blog site numerous times to say why I should be a candidate to talk about these things.

During this process, with finals, holiday scrambling, cranky and annoying family there is a lot to think about these coming weeks and days. How to cope with it all? Go see Star Wars tomorrow! Ha yeah if you have the tickets or if you want to wait over night at the movie theater line. I wish I was that dedicated of a fan. Music? Well oh man listen to the band Growlers, they have a nice coping sound that is nostalgic in every way. Plus if you are into that laid back touch by all means take it away.

Lastly sports, well the Patriots are decimated with injuries. Adding  Leonard Hankerson, some offensive tackles and former Broncos running back Montee Ball, and potentially Steven Jackson. Legarrette Blount goes down for the season, another name to the list. This is bar none the most depth the Patriots have ever had and that is worthy of taking notice.

With all of that said and updated, take care this holiday season and drink up, cheers!


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My Father The Living Legend

I could hear him a mile away. Blaring The Rolling Stones. As my 8-year-old self would be sitting on the school yard bench waiting for him to pick me up. Late of course, after he had slept in from a double the day before. Probably hungover. Eh, anyway there he is to pick me up after an hour and a half of waiting. I was mad at first, but it wore off quickly. He was apologetic of course, but dog beat tired. He changed the station to WFNX and there the alternative music flowed, and flipped on his shades and did a donut in the parking lot.

It was then that I knew my dad was the coolest guy around. My dad has told me countless stories of his upbringing, being the youngest of six kids, smoking a cigarette in second grade. Hitchhiking at five years old. The stories he would tell wouldn’t be believable in this time period. Seemed like a tall tale. Something they wish they had done. Nope my dad actually did it.

No regards of any responsibility. He was a wild man. Hair half way down his back. Mechanic that could touch up any car. Cigarette half way hanging out of his mouth. The epitome of cool. Well for then anyway. He has told me so many times to never be like him, and to learn from what he did wrong. To be honest I wish I had witnessed all that he has told me because that is bad ass. Growing up in North Weymouth, Massachusetts isn’t easy, neither is being the youngest, so you know he had a chip on his shoulder. Fighting and being the toughest guy around, he taught me all he knows on defending my self.

“Marty Pendleton was the king of sneeking into concerts,” One friend of the family told me. My dad would also self admit being the king of sneeking into concerts. Seeing The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, The Ramones, The Kinks and The Clash a dozen times, and many more artists.

Boston Garden, the garden of the 70’s and 80’s was his territory. His domain and he knew each little section, not to mention many other venues around Boston. Now a days forget it, no way in hell are you going to sneak in like that with a camera in seemingly every crevice of the god damn world. The stories, the lighting desks on fire and the fightings, the loose cannon attitude with unfiltered friends. Unimaginable this time period. Marty Pendleton aka Party Mendleton they called him, was “Mr. Party all the time”.

I always feel like I am interviewing a legend when he goes and talks about these things. And I wish so badly that I had photos of these moments to share because it is all incredible. The storis are endless.

Nowadays he takes it easy, but still delves into the music of that time period, and the alternative side, the indie music and Boston sports. The stories have him sounding like a living legend. And there is no doubt that he is, if I didn’t come into his life he would truly know that he wouldn’t be living. In his words to me “You’re the whole reason why I am alive, and the whole reason for me to smarten up.” Those words give so much appreciation to him, and glad that I was a savior to his lifestyle. Living in New Hampshire now you can’t quite expect there to be the same actions he once had in Weymouth, but he sure likes to talk about them. While he takes another drag from his cigarette, and a sip from his coffee. What a boss.

Old boat we had, cranking some classics on that and watching some classic movies and shit

Old boat we had, cranking some classics on that and watching some classic movies and shit

Weymouth, stomping grounds

Weymouth, stomping grounds


Me and my dad, bout 8 years ago.

Me and my dad, bout 8 years ago.

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My Brother and Idol Jason

From playing with G.i Joe’s to being the G.i Joe. This felt too cool to be true, as a little kid. His courage has been admirable. Now ten years later from his service we spend long nights, with long talks. Beers in hand, you name it.

I’m talking about my brother Jason. He’s fourteen years older than me. My sister Nicole is fifteen years older than me. Yeah crazy right? From the time he went off to Afghanistan in 2002, I didn’t know what was going on. Being my eight year old self I hadn’t distinguished everything that was happening. All I knew was that my brother was taking pride in his country at a time where we needed him the most. After a year since 9/11, his patriotism spoke more than words. Patriots winning the super bowl in 2001 was all that he needed to see to surmount his forthcoming march. It was always his desire to go into the service, it created a great deal of respect to him as a person.


Talking to him about his service these days is all about the good times with his mates, and how much of a different world it was like. Nothing like the hoo-rah, and violent “I’ll kill them all” mentality. It was more or less a look into another perspective with all of what’s around you. He has always been my role model, and we happily have fond memories, music, movies and fun times. Being at the age that I am now, 21. I find his words all so inspiring. Jason came back in 2005 after four strong years in the army.


Jason far left, me in the front, Grampy in the back, and my sister on the right.

Jason far left, me in the front, Grampy in the back, and my sister Nicole on the right.

I cannot thank him enough for his service, but let alone being my brother. His wisdom and mindset is all inspiring. We like to goof around, dress up, make silly movies, and just spend times being happy more than not.

His fondness for sports is all intriguing, we’d have games of trivia, and quiz each other on different player’s colleges, I’d ask something like, “What college did Drew Brees go to?” “Purdue” Jason would say, in an instant. He’d get me on some of the most obvious players, I might’ve stumped him once. If I’m lucky.

Jason’s taste in music and movies is great, and worth noting to this site as Movies Sports and Music With a Twist of Indie. He throws in some that sneaked beneath me. Jason is a cool cat, a strange cat he’d say, but nah. He’s a real bro, and certainly someone I look up to.