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Happy Record Store Day To All

Today is national record store day! Please support your local store! It is dire and let the local companies continue to thrive in the music business that is now depleting by the second due to the digital era. I’ll tell you what music on vinyl is some of the best music you can hear and today you can find just what you want.
Stores like Newbury Comics and Bullmoose really thrive in entertainment music sales today, the local stores not so much, but if you have one from where you live it is a must to support them by all means! Whether you snag the latest and hottest record or the contemporary classics let Record Store Day be a place in your heart, or a place in your playlist, if you will.
Bands like the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden still perform music within local music industries. Bands today still recognize their roots and show its appreciation by this, and the fans support them at all costs.

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The Cults and Classics of February

The winter time is never the biggest time for movies from January through March  so the search for cults and classics released within this time frame is definitely not the easiest. Every once and awhile you find some gems, and memorable ones but for the most part nothing. January and February movies are infamously known for movies that never quite deliver to grab your attention and are surely to be a complete bomb at the box office.


However, with the help of my good friend and correspondent Dillon Adair we have compiled a list of movies from this month’s release dates that weren’t so infamous, representing the Cults and Classics of February.


The Beach release date: Feb 2nd, 2000

‘The Beach’, starring a young Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tilda Swinton. Leo’s acting shows just the tip of the Iceberg to what acting chops he will accomplish for his future rolls. This movie is definitely one of his smallest and unknown rolls, but I still adore this movie for its landscapes, and paradise vibes. It all seems so precious to be within the moment of purity, and being on an island that no one knows about. Things are pure bliss, that is until things go askew and the whereabouts of the island become a known commodity. This movie is bar none a cult, it didn’t get well received, by critics, that may be because of its adaptation from the book that leave people scratching their heads. Nonetheless “The Beach” is underrated and holds intrinsic value towards original Leo fans, and those who love masterful landscapes.



The Harder They Come. release date: Feb 8th, 1973


The story of Jimmy Cliff, reggae musician whose dreams of becoming a musician is put into perspective. A young Jamaican man finds himself tied to corrupt record producers and drug pushers. This biopic is underrated, and this film does his music justice, no doubt. I have always listened to all kinds of Reggae and the record “The Harder They Come” is one of the most underrated records ever. The film maybe is not a masterpiece but the music is

This is also one of the biggest cult classics ever and it is very entertaining. The actor who played Jimmy has quite the vocal range himself. If you are a reggae fan, a Jimmy Cliff fan or just appreciate music altogether it is a must see film.



The Warriors Feb 9th, 1975


This movie is really a bit of both, being a cult and a classic. Truly brilliant angst, violence, and original on all levels. The concept is really a timeless and enchanting for just about everything. ‘The Warriors’ is a film that will make most viewers cringe at times, but you’ll forgive the shortcomings and praise with some exciting camera takes, the excellent use of music, and the good performance of David Patrick Kelly as the villainous antagonist. The character arcs are all on their own a work of great writing. The great moment in the movie is when Patrick Kelly, clicking together three soda bottles, coaxes the Warriors out of hiding by whining in what is a spur of the moment acting, “Warriors, come out and play!”



Saving Silverman Feb 9th, 2001


This movie became the revolution of all early 2000 comedies, like the American Pie series, and just about every other gag teen funny movie. ‘Saving Silverman’ however is of the few that actually worked with the help from actors Jack Black and Steve Zahn. This cult classic still never fails to make me laugh, and the chemistry between all of the characters is seemingly effortless. The endless obsessions with Neil Diamond all create a genuinality in this given film.



Silence of The Lambs February 13th, 1991


One of the most cringe worthy, and bad taste in your mouth kind of movie you could ever ask for. ‘Silence of The Lambs’ shall always live on, with the Jodie Foster’s incredible detective skills to Anthony Hopkins brilliant performance sending shivers down your spine. An absolute classic that should always be remembered. Not enough can be said, or put into words on how this movie translates into a psychological horror.



The Breakfast Club Feb 15th, 1985


Oh John Hughes, how I’ve missed your artistic directing and presence that gave us the great inspirations throughout the 80’s. My most beloved of his has to be this right here,‘The Breakfast Club’. I always admire movies that can be done in one single setting, with the same set of actors using all forms of creativity all in the same length of the movie. John Hughes’ pursuit in choosing these complete opposites says quite a lot about society in a day to day sequence. Here you have it in a school setting, 1980’s from sushi to eating pb&j’s. The rich kid or preppy girl, the bully, the jock, the weirdo, and the nerd. All in whom are serving the same amount of Saturday education time, for what was thought to be a drag became a memorable experience. Undeniably a classic.



Army of Darkness Feb 19th, 1993


Oh where to begin with this cult masterpiece? ‘Army of Darkness’ where taking from the satire end of things and tying it with some supreme violence and horror. This was a movie that paved the way for a lot of different horror comedies today. ‘Army of Darkness’ runs with spin offs and all sorts of serious moments followed up with comedic relief. The film really shows what fun can be created in the world of filmmaking with strong writing, pure creativity, and just having fun. The light is definitely shined over the darkness.


Office Space February 19th, 1999


What’s not to love about ‘Office Space’, honestly? So many quotes of “Yeah, that’d be great.”, and “You took my stapler.” After all these years it is still as funny as the first time I saw it. The fact of the matter however is that it is hardly ever mentioned, or remembered as it should be, like a ‘Clerks’, or ‘Jay and Silent Bob’. This only gives it more reason to be given the nod as a cult, and right where it should be.


Bottle Rocket Feb 21st, 1996


‘Bottle Rocket’ starring Owen and Luke Wilson in their debut acting roles, and now has since began the great start to their acting careers, as well as director Wes Anderson.’Bottle Rocket’ offers a long lasting adventure, with poignant film shots, and a clever dialogue to boot, all in which gave this movie it’s hidden treasures. Wes Anderson’s feel for his movies don’t go unappreciated, this movie was quite the start into his longed eccentric filming style. ‘Bottle Rocket’ reminds you of films you’ve seen before, but not quite in the same way and style done before, definitely a cult. The Wilson brothers have since carried on well, in their now twenty years of acting.

-Jake Pendleton,


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Politics Classes and The Politically Correct and Incorrect Movie List

So this semester at college I have been given quite the workload of political classes. I am taking two of them, and why would I be telling you this? Well, I think it correlates with just about every moment in movies, sports and music. I would proudly say I am democratic but I like to see it from both of the sides so in a way I am independent. “Independent”, “indie” no surprise there is there? Ha-ha. Anyway, whether we know it or not politics are the underlying point sometimes in what we watch, hear and listen to. Blatantly or hidden behind a facade politically correctness and inspiring moments of passion is seen through out in entertainment today. Bias and slanted views are made everyday.

With that I have a list of entertainment moments that exploit these awful, or politically, bias, and or enlightening truths.


  1. Pearl Harbor; Michael Bay, what a disaster and box office flop.
  2. J. Edgar; Good attempt Clint Eastwood, but it runs a bit too dragged down and long to have an affect.
  3. Bobby
  4. W.
  5. Idiocracy; Taking place in the far away future this comedy subconsciously talks about our meek and frightening future of our lost common knowledge. One of the best brainless comedies I have ever seen, it plagues so much of what goes on today and what may happen, but we deny it.
  6. Salt of The Earth
  7. Frost/Nixon:
  8. The Great Dictator; Charlie Chaplin as Hitler. This movie is amazing. I can see the backlash and the amount of negativity, but that speech still is remembered as being one of the best of all time.
  9. The Interview; This movie was overblown, North Korea, blah blah blah. I had my laughs and thought it was an alright movie, but the way it got presented put quite a sale on this controversial flick.
  10. Birth of a Nation; This has to be the top one on the list, it is so racially wrong in so many ways. One hundred years ago. I remember watching this in my film studies class and was just so shocked by it. Times have changed and this silent film certainly spoke volumes.

Being in two politics classes I have a chance to voice out my political beliefs. Do I care enough to carry it as my blog posts in another source of entertainment? No, I am not as comically based as John Stewart, or Steven Colbert, though I wish. Nor do I have the attention span to write about politics on a given basis. I like politics for what it’s worth, simple as that.

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Jake’s Top 15 Movie Soundtracks

Movie Soundtracks, you gotta have em. They are the icing on the cake. They are the extra push and inspiring moment that drives you in a movie. If picked right you have a memorable scene that will fit like a puzzle piece.

I’ve conducted a top 15 list of my favorite soundtracks. Movies based on bands don’t count to me because if that was the case The Doors, The Song Remains The Same would be number one, as would Hard Day’s Night, Purple Rain and Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

  1. Stuck on You

I can’t find the soundtrack anywhere, not online and not at stores. I guess that just means you can enjoy the soundtrack more in the heat of the moment within the movie which many could agree that is the way it should be.

  1. Prince Avalanche

A beautiful scenic movie that is a good Netflix watch. The instrumental work of Explosions in The Sky works with symphonic beauty and really works well with the movie. Each scene is felt through the music, and it gives you a sense of some joy to see it done so well.

  1. Wet Hot American Summer

Some high shorts, bowl cuts, and some hairspray galore for this film. Each and every 80’s tune is really ironically mastered with and perfected to tell a tale from a time way back when. The training to 80’s work out music and even the ironic acting. It’s memorable in all the right ways.

  1. Rushmore

Wes Anderson, really knows his niche with criterion movies, and has a memorable soundtrack each and every time. Anderson recognizes the artistry from such a time period and holds it to a quirky but yet melodic feel.

  1. Saturday Night Fever

Okay, not a fan of disco, but I get it. I do,  I really do. However, Travolta you killed it. You’re the man and you move like a space monkey. On behalf of the soundtrack, sure the Bee Gee’s I dig it but outside of them, please. I think if it wasn’t for Travolta’s role this may not be in here.

  1. The Departed

This was the movie that introduced The Dropkick Murphy’s- Shipping Off to Boston. Scorcesse knows how to pick em and he picked em right. The soundtrack captures every moment you could want with The Rolling Stones’s Gimme Shelter to Van Morrison’s- Comfortably Numb. Brilliant and comfortable.

  1. The Graduate

All of Simon and Garfunkle and that’s all good with me. It really gells and complete’s this 1967 classic. “Mrs. Robinson, you’re seducing me.. aren’t you?”

  1. Reservoir Dogs

Tarantino’s first big one and oh what a masterpiece. Opening scene catches your ear. The song I think everyone knows is Stealer’s Wheel- “Stuck in The Middle With You”. Oh what a brutal scene. This scene opened doors for Tarantino and it showed off his epic and gore ability to show his twisted but yet amazing film insight.

  1. The Royal Tenenbaums

Another win for Wes Anderson in this quirky and eccentric work of beauty. Anderson loves the Stones and he loves sentimental music. I respect that. The montage/ scene with Royal going with his grandchildren wreaking havoc and riding gocarts put out a staple in my mind of what “Meet Me and Julio Down by The Schoolyard” should look like.

  1. Drive

So good, just so simple and effortless. 80’s vibrant Vice City feel to it without the Vice City. The movie felt electric and poetic. Not over usage of dialogue with the 80’s pop made the movie nostalgic and true.

  1. Forrest Gump

The movie just moves with the times, and it caries on through each generation Forrest lives in. Epic. Enough said.

  1. Breakfast Club

John Hughes, what a gem he made with this. The soundtrack is so poignant and so timeless I can’t get enough of it.

  1. Good Will Hunting

Elliott Smith really captured the moving qualities within the movie. It was subtle and it was sweet and I saw it’s beauty. The great cinematography with Will on the subway, with Boston as the background, I felt is worth mentining as are the days of Will getting rides from his best friend Chuckie. Not to mention the song when Will wants to find out about a girl.

  1. High Fidelity

I should really have this at number one, but it’s a coin flip. This movie is through and through awesome and really speaks for all genres and not just a certain demographic. Rob (Cusack) and Barry (Jack Black) are a tandem of oil and water in music, but you get full dosage in this one. I should make a top 5 list for this movie’s soundtrack alone.

  1. Guardians of The Galaxy

Okay, I have to disclaim this first. I had no idea what the Guardians of The Galaxy’s inside story was about. I am not educated as a fan of the comics and the whole back story. So you have to imagine not knowing 100% of the character’s personality and mojo you’d be in for a treat. Well I was, just an absolute surprise of a soundtrack and the opening scene says it all.