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The Crazy Spring Break

This past spring break held lots of promise, and anticipation regarding a trip to New York City, and a get together with an old friend. En route to see Dr. Dog we were packed and ready to go for a solid weekend.

The trip to New York City was in place, and the room was ready to be checked in. I had one leftover spot in the room for one other person. Where could my best friend be within a year of seeing him? One of my best friends who originally lived in New Hampshire, and in the Milford, Nashua and Manchester region. Now living in Spokane Washington there wasn’t much of any other chances of seeing him. Excitement ran through me to the amount of anticipation I would have until I saw him. It was a big deal, not only cause of our friendship, but it’s New York, The Big Apple, endless spots to see, and to catch up. The days went by and the responses back to me grew more and more like my hopes had deceived me. Dillon finally replied two nights before the concert and told me was not going to make it. I was crushed, but I had to ask why of course. When I asked why I was dumbfounded to how the story actually went. Here is the story.

Dillon boarded for nh on a tuesday, it was a sunny warm day. He got there an hour early. The trip was supposed to go as early as monday, but it got delayed. So when i was back in line he saw a few people from the day before, like this girl edna and a redhead I didn’t know. When he got on the bus, he got to the way back seat and following up was this kid. He looked at him and asked if he could sit by him. He of course said yes. The question he asked Dillon were if he rapped. He told him that he did in fact rap, with a new album coming along the way. “What are the odds of that?” Dillon thought. After only an hour and a half of driving we broke down in Ritzville. It was Dillon and the same kid Jessen who he had just met, just playing around and talking about rap and life. The driver told them that they’d most likely be there all day. Dillon told him he had a place to be, that being New York. Dillon joked around some more about making a rap song with Jessen when they got to Portland. The odds were they’d stay in a hotel. There were a couple in front of them who just kept laughing hysterically at everything Jessen and I were saying. We were the life of the party. Bryce, another person Dillon met on the bus was a cool laid back kid with a southern accent, looked like An early 2000s skater he was heading to Arkansas. He was with a girl named ashley who was pretty, she was going to Oklahoma. Another kid named Anthony Dillon me, a black teen with a great smile was gone to Bakersfield California and Shawna was going to Walla Walla Washington. The bunch of them hung out on the bus all day, and ate some delicious snacks and told each other way too much of their life stories. After eight hours, they were finally heading to Oregon. All the while Jessen and Dillon continued to obsess over their rap track. After two more hours Dillon, Ash, Edna, Jessen, and Bryce got off. Shawna and Anthony headed on a different bus. It was midnight and we were at an empty Mcdonalds/gas station. Dillon set up his recording studio and it was then they began freestyling. Ash, Bryce and Edna loved and kept singing and laughing. They were at that gas for a total of six hours.. Altogether they all made the most of their wait as they continued to rap until the sun went down. Bryce bought a beer and the bus driver told him he couldn’t have it. So so with just a few sips he chucked it, and chucked it. At 3:00 am they got on the bus.
“This is where things go interesting.” Dillon told me. The bus went with a change of bus drivers and the previous driver Ben had just left. The new driver, changed everything. This new driver was a prick. The new driver pulled Bryce over and told him to empty his bag or he’s getting kicked off. After saying ok, he still kicked bryce off. So Dillon told the driver he’s getting fired and Bryce had a tear in his eyes. He begged for us to stay. So me and Jessen got kicked off too so they could stay. Then for fifteen more hours we were at a station until we got back to Spokane. The whole time they laughed, and ate pizza and told stories. Bryce had a good voice like Johnny Cash and sang the blues. It all felt like a movie, and time that “was supposed to happen”. Bryce was going to work for a carnival in Louisiana and hooked them up with a job. Dillon declined the offer and proceeded to go home, after missing New York, they then parted ways. Dillon mixed and edited the freestyles with all of them and it inspired him to make an entire EP album. Dillon has been working on the album all the previous week. A few days went by and reported the bus driver, and got him fired just like he told him he would.

All the while this story is something you read out of a book, and a story you could always look back on. While it is disappointing my friend Dillon couldn’t make it to the concert at least he experienced an adventure for the ages.

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The Days of Incubus Fan Hood and Life with Dillon Adair

Do you ever just talk out song lyrics, but do it all the time to a point where you just to fuck with people? I do, it’s too much fun. I would always reference “Nice to Know You” by incubus. I was a gigantic fan of Incubus. Both me and my friend Dillon. That was our band. We’d get home from school and crank all of Incubus’ albums. He’d jam on his Uke and I’d try my best Brandon Boyd impression. We grew our love for Incubus and we made an entire wall of art from Brandon Boyd’s work, and all of the band’s pictures. Mike Einziger, DJ Killmore, Ben Kenney, Jose Pasillas and Good ole Dirk Lance and of course Brandon Boyd. We would emulate him in all levels. That’s our fan, our idol.


He still is, but Incubus just doesn’t feel the same as it once did, it doesn’t have us rage with joy, and poetic justice. Perhaps the new turnings for Incubus is experimenting on a whole other level. I respect it, but I sure do miss the days where the fan hood took our lifestyle, and the over played nature of Morning View was like a serene sunset.

The albums, I always had a trouble ranking them because they all held something special, but Morning View is my go-to and Make Yourself was their break-through with Drive, but now I’m finding my post high school self jamming to the likes of S.C.I.E.N.C.E with all the rage. A Crow Left of The Murder held strong points, and felt so political that it worked, all to their advantage, but seeing them live was an unforgettable event.


Over time we graduated, and ended up finding other interests in bands and dabbled in all sorts of things, like filming and making movies. The Little Wooden Monkey has been our biggest success, the first of three that we made.

Dillon also raps and writes. He wrote his first book and currently does book reviews and has come out with numerous albums. He’s the Dill of all trades. His rap name is Rad Dill, and is a big YouTuber. He’s easily the funniest person I’ve ever met.

992867_640932965935940_1691051509_n 999874_640933015935935_534907462_n  267492_243736032322304_6977450_n10846265_10205283542398407_3611844514368026278_n474143_472953982782350_2134863170_o Beach sesh’s long trips to malls, blue slushy stains on our lips, it was a last call for childish endeavors. The trips to Newbury Comics is what made the trips the fun of it all, spending hours picking and choosing what movies to watch, at a cheap price. He’s in the horror section while I’m looking up some pretentious film or some movie about some stoners or some bull shit like that. That’s how it was.

Same went for music and pop cultured nic-nacs, how cliche. Ha, yeah those were the days, and they’ll happen again.

Just with new memories, and adulthood lives, that will bring a whole other vibe.

Dillon moved to Washington and these trips became no longer, and I’ve been trying to excel in numerous things, like writing, and been studious at college. The future holds some bright things. Never give up, and we will reunite.