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New Name New Style

Hello all!

It has been decided for this site to have a makeover. The site will now be specifically depicting movies, in their realm of criterion collection, classics, cults and craps.

This site was originally viewed to be touching all of entertainment, and sports, but that didn’t take off to where we wanted. The interests are still there, but it is best to limit it to one.

This page now is covered by two people, (Dillon and Jake)  giving in depth writings, vlogs, and podcasts to cover movies. The podcasts will give us the chance to talk about all sorts of entertainment, but within these writings we want to cover all bases from Horror, to indie films.

The “cults craps and classics” will be explored every month. Formerly known as just “Cults and Classics” there had to be another listings for some of these films, as just pure crap.

There will still be biopic posts, with some other content, but primarily it will all be touched upon the artful creation that is film. Our future interests as filmmakers, writers and directors will benefit us both to create this niche.

Cine N Dine will distinguish future movies to see, and perhaps ones not to see. Dillon, our second staff writer will maintain vlogs and post them with in depth looks at what it was we watched for the week. It is exciting to update all of our creativity, and we hope you like it to! Give us a follow!


Circa 2011 me on top of Dill High School days


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V.o.V New Track

Check it, Visions of Violence coming through with a new album.

This song Drippy Wet Coast really features a vivid persona with a catchy track to unveil their music ability.

Dillon Adair lead rapper, aka Rad Dill, aka  Lil Lit, with Bruins cap, fires off some rhymes and dimes and deserves to be heard, get the chance to subscribe to his YouTube channel! V.o.V.

Long time friend Dillon and I go way back, and here he is in Washington 3,000 miles away representing his arts and passions. From where he started he wanted to do it as a joke, and developed tracks on garage band. From there he brought it to his YouTube and has been for the last two years where him and his brother PJ aka Kid Child have been spitting fire ever since, known as Visionz of Violence. Now here at IndieBall we talk about all forms of music when brought to our attention, but first and foremost we like to hit home where creativity can be taken place. In this instance a friend is in pursuit of his passions and nothing can stop in what he is doing for him and his brother.

Give em shot, a subscribe, lyrically abound and creatively marked with a keen camera takes that shouldn’t go unrecognized. A fan of rap or not, the interpretation of their fan ship to horror, mystical, and fantasy go all on show for their videos. The road to becoming a rapper, R&B singer, musician isn’t easy. Most may not even have a thought in their mind, but to actually try is admirable.


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Inspiration For Creation

Music is great for the soul and don’t you forget it. Be outside yourself and be something new, it’s the only thing music needs that it can expose itself to what is real in the world. No more fakies, no more wanna be’s. The world needs to have an exposure of more and more on how unique our world is and how talented we all are.

We need the next Bowie the next, Lennon, Madonna, you name it. There’s so much undiscovered talent that someone right now is writing beautiful words crafted only to be rejected and have their hopes crushed. We cannot let it happen, too many people hate on the wrong person, shut them down and give them the horrible thoughts that they cannot do it where they absolutely can!

Dealing with adversity is one thing, but hearing it all around you is another. We learn at such a certain age that confidence grows and knows who oneself really is. But it does not help when you are learning, and understanding your true self. Yes people will always give you a hard time and they are there for a reason to make you who you are, but please.

There needs to be the open mindedness and acceptance of whatever background you come from. Just because you don’t recognize it doesn’t give the right to discriminate it. Maybe it is this generation that gives off the feeling of over sensitivity. I don’t know but all I know is there needs to be more inspiration for those coming a long.

Long nights pondering on what could work or what couldn’t. Strumming a guitar, singing vocals so softly so no one hears. When will it be that the artist will break through?

This all is a piece about unknown talent, the talent we haven’t searched for because of our busy lives and schedules, the ones dying for a stream on the internet so the band can have their five to ten minutes of happiness. You make music to express yourself, and show creativity in the best way, not through other people’s eyes. If we played to what people wanted to hear we’d be living life as a gimmick, a phony, accepting to what people want to hear.

The worst part would be that we were playing to what people want will never satisfy yourself. There will always be room for someone else’s opinion on your sound.

Mute and just be mindless.


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Cults and Classics Month of January

“The Artist” Release date: January 20th, 2012

One of the best silent movies you would ever want to see. A silent movie that realizes it’s a silent movie, and has a sheer wittiness about it. Jean Desharnais was rewarded for best actor at the Oscars for this role, and he didn’t have to say a word. But boy he sure filled the part looking identical to all of the previous actors in the silent era. A bonafide masterpiece, and just endless fun. A movie that will leave you in a good mood. I was almost certain this movie wouldn’t reach out to me, or be in my style but I was wrong. Amazing work, an instant classic.

Here is my favorite scene.


“The Thin Red Line” Release Date: January 15th, 1998

The way this movie portrays itself is unique and so surreal of what is seen in the battlefield, and what is thought in our heads. The message is peaceful in a wartime epic, undoubtedly one of my favorite war films. The movie filled with actors such as, John Cusack, Woody Harrelson, John Travolta, John Caviezel, Nick Nolte, and Sean Penn. In terms of simplicity and what is important in this world we call home, but yet so far away from home, the characters create a bond that is unlike no other. Cult


“Casablanca” Release Date: January 23rd, 1942

Man, where do I begin with one of the best films of all time? Here’s to lookin at you kid. Film buffs, noire film fans adore this movie, and will always be an endless classic. Timeless in every right. What Casablanca offers at the surface may be romance, and intrigue but what is great is that delves into much more depth than just that. The subtle nuance, and all around entertainment the best you may ever see. No question a classic.


“Pan’s Labyrinth” Release Date: January 17, 2006

Guillermo Del Toro’s masterpiece put together some of the most obscurity you’ll ever see on a screen, but the fairy tale experience didn’t stop there. The depth and style that is brought forth is undeniably brilliant. The spanish language has it feeling archaic and authentic, this isn’t talked about as nearly as it should be, giving it none other than as a cult classic.


“Gran Torino” Release Date: January 9th, 2008

The director Clint Eastwood; impressive. The actor Clint Eastwood; legendary. This movie really hits the strings of what it means to be a human being, it senses itself to become adapted to new surroundings and none other than the neighbors who are in conflict with the gangs around town. From Walt Kowalski’s (Clint Eastwood) lifestyle of being a war veteran, his days are done, but his racist, and old demeanor is so poignant and fresh that it is so well done. Living in run down Detroit, hating Vietnamese immigrants that just so happened to move next door to him. Time goes on after certain happenings Kowalski gets to know them and develops a bond  that felt so personal and at home. With some time this will be a classic.


“Gone With The Wind” Release Date: January 17th, 1939

An immortal and timeless achievement. This film still holds true for its creation and as it should. Scarlett O’hara played by Vivien Leigh, a selfish heroine, but you still care for her in all levels. Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) whom is charming, sometimes funny, and wealthy and exactly what Scarlett wants. The movie is set in the time of the Civil War. The war is an essential piece to the film, and the way it was used was really a perfect fit. A long movie, but definitely not boring. Vivien Leigh’s character may have been the most important, and the one who stood out the most, just by the way someone could watch and feel her pain, all the same. Classic


“There Will Be Blood” Release Date: January 25th, 2007

After receiving high praise at the Oscars that year “There Will Be Blood” put itself in the rankings of some of the best acting jobs I have ever seen. Cinematography, the best writing, film editing, and just artfully crafted. Daniel Day Lewis is just on another level every single time he delivers. Seems like anything Daniel Day Lewis touches it is instantly a classic, weird saying that about a movie not even ten years old yet, but nonetheless I feel it’s intentions on it being a classic.


“12 Monkeys” Release Date: January 5th, 1995

Futuristic, and devastated with diseases, James Cole (Bruce Willis) is sent back in time to gather information about a virus that wiped out the population. A great job done by supporting actor Brad Pitt as well for his role as a loony patient who ends up knowing all the secrecies and inside information. The film is imaginative and very enjoyable. Still one of the best sci-fi’s that I have seen. Terry Gilliam at his finest, he loves to work in that dystopian style and he does it like no other. His previous work with Brazil, Time Bandits and of course Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I know a fair amount of people who didn’t even know this movie existed, and some to say it is one of their favorites of all time. Cult classic.

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The Revenant Review

The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy is hands down a masterpiece. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu put his visual works to the test, and I’ll say he didn’t disappoint. With every cinematic shot catching the beauty of what is, as it is  astounding visual poetry. The film was shot in several locations with it being in Argentina, few parts of Canada, Montana, some parts of Arizona, and Mexico.

Taking place in the 1820’s leaves it all to a battle of survival. The film itself is raw, and gripping on just about every scene with developed characters who merely just want a way out for themselves. That is until Hugh Glass (Leonardo) gets attacked by a bear and has to fend for himself. After being left in the cold and in despair, he crawls to find and salvage what he can after being pronounced dead by his own men. After the brutal maulings from the grizzly bear, one man John Fitzgerald is to to believe that he is a goner, and there is no returning to full health. This is where the journey begins. The road to recovery and redemption after witnessing the murder of his son to John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). If there’s one thing that’s certain is Hugh Glass (Leonardo) takes a full beating in this movie by any occurrence that comes into his path. The success story is mesmerizing, but so aren’t the numbers and dollar signs that went into this movie.

The movie’s budget is an estimated $135 million. Gross: $54,146,167 with the box office being $474,560 in the US. Truly booming numbers. Not quite Star Wars but it sure is convincing for film fans to see this movie.

I am not going to give away any end spoilers. What I will say is the ending leaves a piece that is vengeance but also peaceful in a many ways. The test to survive is the battle of the fittest and we see here in this film that it is evident. The score, the long standing shots, not mention last but certainly not least the acting. The acting is superb in every way, and there should no problem for Leonardo to get his Oscar this year, for those who are worried about that kind of thing. Tom Hardy especially, may even land a supporting role in this film because it is just that good. For that matter I wouldn’t be surprised if the film sweeps the night away with awards.

So please movie fans, Leo fans, Hardy fans, whomever. See this movie it’s a spellbinding adventure.


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Christmas, Football recaps and Star Wars

Everyone have a Merry Christmas? Santa Bring you the goods and the Christmas Miracles?

Did you unleash your inner Drake and do the ole Hot Line Bling? Rhetorical question, but nevertheless hope you got your favorite albums and got your favorite flicks, and saw your favorite teams win.

With that being said the Panthers are no longer undefeated so everybody hop off the bandwagon, and please halt to the dabbings please oh please. The Patriots lost in what was the most bizarre ending to a game, a coin toss. The Patriots defer to receive and came back to get them. Patriots still hold the best record in the AFC and hold number ranking. Also the Cardinals put a stomping on Green Bay 38-8. Don’t look now but The Arizona Cardinals the best team in football with eight straight victories.

I am off to see Star Wars for the second time tomorrow, the first time was a wowzer, second time will be an easier explanation and will be a thrill for the effects. Surely a bonafide movie to go see. Makes you forget all about the awful CGI’d prequels from the early 2000’s. CGI then was a time where we thought we made the ultimate step into technology but boy wasn’t that a joke? That was then, those were the days.


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Tristen Page Crazy Boy

Ever have that first friend who understood you under any context? Despite how weird you were and what your actions were there was always the unbreakable bond. The childlike meandering and the constant, “if you don’t give me your toy I won’t be your friend.” Oh how I hated that.

Someone who comes to mind is my friend Tristen, my first best friend. Being five years old, wide eyed and reckless kids.  The group of friends we had really brought out some interesting characters. One was the redneck, I was the skater, and he was the crazy boy. Out of friend’s when we’d fight and wrestle we used to shake an imaginary cage and rattle it, and intimidate crazy boy. Oh you best beware, and cover your nut sack because you will be kicked in the balls. You’ll get served! Ya know the typical 2004 backyard wrestling? The Tony Hawk games, the skating. The once upon a time edgey music of Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, and Simple Plan. Tristen and I used to pretend to be Tom Delonge of Blink-182, or Deryck Whibley of Sum 41. Aka the early days of faux punk, and edgey-ness with flames on button down shirts with sunglasses and frosted tips.

tumblr_ltl0zf3K8Y1r3tgito1_500.jpg (500×399) Deryck-deryck-whibley-11244687-480-600.jpg (480×600)

Ah to be ten years old. We had some gracious times. The time period was of essence to our youth. The early 2000’s reigned as our generation. 90’s kids, but more so early 2000’s kids. A lot of people will shoot down the time period of then, and the time period of now. Whatever there’s nothing you can do about it. Just be you, and create you’re own reality mixing the times together.


Me on the far left, Tyler in the middle, Tristen far right. 



Anyway, Tristen was my best friend, we were true bro’s. Tristen has always been passionate but also never gave a fuck. He’d mess with bees nests to this day, shooting Nerf missiles and you name it. He’s a reckless kid. We’d always hangout, until he moved to Oklahoma in 5th grade, my friend suddenly moved away and was lost from that bond. Crazy boy no more, and the same things we liked before changed. I saw him when he visited last year for the first time in five years. We both looked at each other and thought it was time. I rattled the imaginary cage, “He is out of control, watch out everybody, crazy boy is coming to get ya!” The neighbors and people on the sidewalk were laughing hysterically.

It was until then that he realized he is an adult and he now felt weird doing this. The 18 year old self in himself felt like a weirdo, a kid with a problem.

I guess that idea became scrapped but at least we tried, we brought back the crazy boy for merely ten minutes.