Indie Music

5 Reasons Why Indie Music is The Best Music Today

5. It’s free roam and not in your face

Well, let’s point out the obvious, it’s not for everyone thus making it not mainstream. It’s indie, it’s alternative it’s your niche and demographic. The music is what you make of it, yours for the taking. Alternative and Folk Indie is my distinct music taste, I think when you can start listening there’s no going back. A lot of people’s music tastes are like the Atlantic Ocean it’s in vast amounts but there is so much more to be explored and found!

4. Completely original and  filled with musicians looking directly into the music world for the love of their talent broke or not.

Original and true to their own independent work, looking to find their own niche. Music itself is an artistry and there are a lot of starving artists but independent creates it in a way that is comfortable to fully collaborate your music skills to your own do it your self approach with expression. We are in an insane time period where there is influences all around us, and videos among YouTube and social media that explode by the hour. So being in this time period, your own self can make accomplishments happen and get yourself a gig at your local pub. Make it happen.

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3. A lot more people listen to indie music than you’d think.

Usually this is the point where indie music can be easily characterized as hipster music. I’ve certainly heard it a lot. But when you think about it, you hear a lot of the hidden gem songs and indie songs from commercials on TV and on movies. I’ve had countless moments on YouTube trying to remember a song I heard from a commercial. Not only does movies and commercials open the door for unknown indie bands, but the people listening (like me) will look it up and perhaps look up more songs from the artist.

 At the time I had to look up this commercial to see who the band was, now they make it possible for you to see with a side bar of other songs.

2. Because it’s cool as shit

Not gonna lie, it is cool as shit. Once in a while I’d hear from my friends “But all indie music sounds the same!” that’s where you’re wrong! Look there are moments where they do sound the same, but that is music when you think about it.  We’ve been making Rock’n Roll since the days of Elvis and then came countless generations of revolutionary music, the more it’s made the more it becomes a challenge to make new music.

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1. It’s a Journey

What leads you to one band will lead you to another, and that will lead you to another and another. I look at Indie music as an adventure, an endless hole of YouTube videos after YouTube videos. You know that endless black hole session you go on every now and again? Well it’s like that but with indie music that you are just taking a chance on it. It’s something that is known as “the good part of YouTube”. It’s like exploring, taking yourself into an abyss of new territory on on the web. You get to a point where you don’t know whether it’s the song name or it’s the band.