Top 17 Sports Movies

  1. Fever Pitch

A movie that is hated by quite a lot of Red Sox fans. It doesn’t help that Jimmy Fallon is a Yankee fan. I put it on the list because it still has a certain touch that I like and remember when I first watched it. I think I relate to the Red Sox fan hood and the love of the game. I can see why it’s hated because of its annoyance and perhaps emphasized style of how people act around that area. There’s no way that this should be on the list, and should be replaced by something much better, but hey it’s my guilty pleasure movie.

  1. The Babe

John Goodman as the Babe is probably one of the best movie role castings I’ve ever seen. Babe really brings you through the motions of Babe Ruth’s everyday lifestyle, and it was enough to get you choked up at his last at bat. It is really astonishing to see how badly he was treated by the fans in his early years and his twilight years, it went a little too far into the truth and made him a darker icon than they originally intended.

  1. Varsity Blues

It gives you a look back at the fun of the game, the moments you share and come as one. Football is a religion down south in Texas, and the story of a coming of age quarterback who was once overlooked as a backup gets the moments of his lifetime. The entire team likes to party and live that high school life, definitely underrated.

  1. Bad News Bears

Original and of its time, this coming of age movie made you feel not so bad for your uncoordinated little league days. Bloopers before there were seen everyday to an audience, when they were so rare. Seeing kids perform at such a level so much that they will never forget. This movie is enough to make you want to be a kid again.

  1.  For The Love of the Game

Costner and baseball goes together like peas and carrots. He loves baseball and he loves the Red Sox. Here in this, he’s a veteran pitcher pitching with his back against retirement’s wall. It’s a movie to show you what the game is all about.

  1. Coach Carter

Samuel L. Jackson as a head coach just works, his intimidation, and full throttle acting makes me believe he could actually coach. Well, not really but you know what I mean, Coach Carter is an underrated sports movie to say the least.

11 . Hoosiers

A heartfelt and feel good story of a movie. Really maximizes the feeling of what it’s like to play Indiana basketball. “Second chance”

10 . Hoop Dreams

One of the best sports documentaries I’ve ever seen and it’s all the real deal. 3 and a half hour movie, but it grips so you tightly you can’t turn away.

  1. Any Given Sunday

When you got Pacino, Quaid, Diaz and Woods you know you’re getting the real deal. It gives the feeling of what professional football is really like. Often overlooked this underrated flick shows the game in it’s most brutal moments. Oliver Stone directed a beauty. Intense and incredibly realistic.

  1. 42

The story of Jackie Robinson, it’s such an inspirational moment that lives on and on, and is finally adapted through film, and made beautifully. You simply had to root for Jackie in his impactful moments on and off the field, truly courageous.

  1. 61*

I hate the Yankees and I loved this movie, look hate them all you want but they had undeniable greatness much respect. Even for the non fan this movie is a thrill to watch.

  1. Remember The Titans

A heartfelt movie that I fondly remember growing up to, the first sports movie I watched in school and fully understood, it’s the bond that is created within when you watch it, the moments that you can’t help but crack a smile.

  1. The Natural

A terrific fictional story, that begins and ends with Robert Redford. Sports fantasy at its finest. I grew up to this movie and enjoyed it to the max. It’s the perfect sports movie to play around with a myth, or a tall tale. A man with pure strength, Roy Hobbs knocks this one into #4.

  1. Rudy

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! The whole hearted truth of playing the game, the heart and the passion to give it your all no matter what. It’s truly inspiring, and a true story at that. This movie opens your inspiration and puts in the mindset for you to do anything, and when you do it give it your all!

  1. Field of Dreams

Costner can do no wrong. Fantasy played out in such a fun way that you see all the game’s greats. Yet another classic. They really don’t make sports movies like they used to.

  1. The Sandlot

A movie that isn’t one you watch just once, you watch over and over. It’s the timeless frame from your childhood,  and that dog over the fence that you wouldn’t dare want to mention, this is a solid number one but not quite this time.

  1. Miracle on Ice

You can’t make this stuff up, comeback of a lifetime and to beat the Soviet Union is just incredible. Eruzione! I do believe in miracles. I wish I was alive to see this. for it’s greatness and pure shock. There’s no way I can’t put this in the list, let alone number one because of the fact that it actually happened, hello people, a true story made into a goosebumping adaptation of what it was like. In any other list you’ll probably see The Sandlot at number one, and I say alright to that but I feel like you can’t forget about Miracle.

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