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New Name New Style

Hello all!

It has been decided for this site to have a makeover. The site will now be specifically depicting movies, in their realm of criterion collection, classics, cults and craps.

This site was originally viewed to be touching all of entertainment, and sports, but that didn’t take off to where we wanted. The interests are still there, but it is best to limit it to one.

This page now is covered by two people, (Dillon and Jake)  giving in depth writings, vlogs, and podcasts to cover movies. The podcasts will give us the chance to talk about all sorts of entertainment, but within these writings we want to cover all bases from Horror, to indie films.

The “cults craps and classics” will be explored every month. Formerly known as just “Cults and Classics” there had to be another listings for some of these films, as just pure crap.

There will still be biopic posts, with some other content, but primarily it will all be touched upon the artful creation that is film. Our future interests as filmmakers, writers and directors will benefit us both to create this niche.

Cine N Dine will distinguish future movies to see, and perhaps ones not to see. Dillon, our second staff writer will maintain vlogs and post them with in depth looks at what it was we watched for the week. It is exciting to update all of our creativity, and we hope you like it to! Give us a follow!


Circa 2011 me on top of Dill High School days


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The Cults and Classics of February

The winter time is never the biggest time for movies from January through March  so the search for cults and classics released within this time frame is definitely not the easiest. Every once and awhile you find some gems, and memorable ones but for the most part nothing. January and February movies are infamously known for movies that never quite deliver to grab your attention and are surely to be a complete bomb at the box office.


However, with the help of my good friend and correspondent Dillon Adair we have compiled a list of movies from this month’s release dates that weren’t so infamous, representing the Cults and Classics of February.


The Beach release date: Feb 2nd, 2000

‘The Beach’, starring a young Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tilda Swinton. Leo’s acting shows just the tip of the Iceberg to what acting chops he will accomplish for his future rolls. This movie is definitely one of his smallest and unknown rolls, but I still adore this movie for its landscapes, and paradise vibes. It all seems so precious to be within the moment of purity, and being on an island that no one knows about. Things are pure bliss, that is until things go askew and the whereabouts of the island become a known commodity. This movie is bar none a cult, it didn’t get well received, by critics, that may be because of its adaptation from the book that leave people scratching their heads. Nonetheless “The Beach” is underrated and holds intrinsic value towards original Leo fans, and those who love masterful landscapes.



The Harder They Come. release date: Feb 8th, 1973


The story of Jimmy Cliff, reggae musician whose dreams of becoming a musician is put into perspective. A young Jamaican man finds himself tied to corrupt record producers and drug pushers. This biopic is underrated, and this film does his music justice, no doubt. I have always listened to all kinds of Reggae and the record “The Harder They Come” is one of the most underrated records ever. The film maybe is not a masterpiece but the music is

This is also one of the biggest cult classics ever and it is very entertaining. The actor who played Jimmy has quite the vocal range himself. If you are a reggae fan, a Jimmy Cliff fan or just appreciate music altogether it is a must see film.



The Warriors Feb 9th, 1975


This movie is really a bit of both, being a cult and a classic. Truly brilliant angst, violence, and original on all levels. The concept is really a timeless and enchanting for just about everything. ‘The Warriors’ is a film that will make most viewers cringe at times, but you’ll forgive the shortcomings and praise with some exciting camera takes, the excellent use of music, and the good performance of David Patrick Kelly as the villainous antagonist. The character arcs are all on their own a work of great writing. The great moment in the movie is when Patrick Kelly, clicking together three soda bottles, coaxes the Warriors out of hiding by whining in what is a spur of the moment acting, “Warriors, come out and play!”



Saving Silverman Feb 9th, 2001


This movie became the revolution of all early 2000 comedies, like the American Pie series, and just about every other gag teen funny movie. ‘Saving Silverman’ however is of the few that actually worked with the help from actors Jack Black and Steve Zahn. This cult classic still never fails to make me laugh, and the chemistry between all of the characters is seemingly effortless. The endless obsessions with Neil Diamond all create a genuinality in this given film.



Silence of The Lambs February 13th, 1991


One of the most cringe worthy, and bad taste in your mouth kind of movie you could ever ask for. ‘Silence of The Lambs’ shall always live on, with the Jodie Foster’s incredible detective skills to Anthony Hopkins brilliant performance sending shivers down your spine. An absolute classic that should always be remembered. Not enough can be said, or put into words on how this movie translates into a psychological horror.



The Breakfast Club Feb 15th, 1985


Oh John Hughes, how I’ve missed your artistic directing and presence that gave us the great inspirations throughout the 80’s. My most beloved of his has to be this right here,‘The Breakfast Club’. I always admire movies that can be done in one single setting, with the same set of actors using all forms of creativity all in the same length of the movie. John Hughes’ pursuit in choosing these complete opposites says quite a lot about society in a day to day sequence. Here you have it in a school setting, 1980’s from sushi to eating pb&j’s. The rich kid or preppy girl, the bully, the jock, the weirdo, and the nerd. All in whom are serving the same amount of Saturday education time, for what was thought to be a drag became a memorable experience. Undeniably a classic.



Army of Darkness Feb 19th, 1993


Oh where to begin with this cult masterpiece? ‘Army of Darkness’ where taking from the satire end of things and tying it with some supreme violence and horror. This was a movie that paved the way for a lot of different horror comedies today. ‘Army of Darkness’ runs with spin offs and all sorts of serious moments followed up with comedic relief. The film really shows what fun can be created in the world of filmmaking with strong writing, pure creativity, and just having fun. The light is definitely shined over the darkness.


Office Space February 19th, 1999


What’s not to love about ‘Office Space’, honestly? So many quotes of “Yeah, that’d be great.”, and “You took my stapler.” After all these years it is still as funny as the first time I saw it. The fact of the matter however is that it is hardly ever mentioned, or remembered as it should be, like a ‘Clerks’, or ‘Jay and Silent Bob’. This only gives it more reason to be given the nod as a cult, and right where it should be.


Bottle Rocket Feb 21st, 1996


‘Bottle Rocket’ starring Owen and Luke Wilson in their debut acting roles, and now has since began the great start to their acting careers, as well as director Wes Anderson.’Bottle Rocket’ offers a long lasting adventure, with poignant film shots, and a clever dialogue to boot, all in which gave this movie it’s hidden treasures. Wes Anderson’s feel for his movies don’t go unappreciated, this movie was quite the start into his longed eccentric filming style. ‘Bottle Rocket’ reminds you of films you’ve seen before, but not quite in the same way and style done before, definitely a cult. The Wilson brothers have since carried on well, in their now twenty years of acting.

-Jake Pendleton,


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Cults and Classics Month of January

“The Artist” Release date: January 20th, 2012

One of the best silent movies you would ever want to see. A silent movie that realizes it’s a silent movie, and has a sheer wittiness about it. Jean Desharnais was rewarded for best actor at the Oscars for this role, and he didn’t have to say a word. But boy he sure filled the part looking identical to all of the previous actors in the silent era. A bonafide masterpiece, and just endless fun. A movie that will leave you in a good mood. I was almost certain this movie wouldn’t reach out to me, or be in my style but I was wrong. Amazing work, an instant classic.

Here is my favorite scene.


“The Thin Red Line” Release Date: January 15th, 1998

The way this movie portrays itself is unique and so surreal of what is seen in the battlefield, and what is thought in our heads. The message is peaceful in a wartime epic, undoubtedly one of my favorite war films. The movie filled with actors such as, John Cusack, Woody Harrelson, John Travolta, John Caviezel, Nick Nolte, and Sean Penn. In terms of simplicity and what is important in this world we call home, but yet so far away from home, the characters create a bond that is unlike no other. Cult


“Casablanca” Release Date: January 23rd, 1942

Man, where do I begin with one of the best films of all time? Here’s to lookin at you kid. Film buffs, noire film fans adore this movie, and will always be an endless classic. Timeless in every right. What Casablanca offers at the surface may be romance, and intrigue but what is great is that delves into much more depth than just that. The subtle nuance, and all around entertainment the best you may ever see. No question a classic.


“Pan’s Labyrinth” Release Date: January 17, 2006

Guillermo Del Toro’s masterpiece put together some of the most obscurity you’ll ever see on a screen, but the fairy tale experience didn’t stop there. The depth and style that is brought forth is undeniably brilliant. The spanish language has it feeling archaic and authentic, this isn’t talked about as nearly as it should be, giving it none other than as a cult classic.


“Gran Torino” Release Date: January 9th, 2008

The director Clint Eastwood; impressive. The actor Clint Eastwood; legendary. This movie really hits the strings of what it means to be a human being, it senses itself to become adapted to new surroundings and none other than the neighbors who are in conflict with the gangs around town. From Walt Kowalski’s (Clint Eastwood) lifestyle of being a war veteran, his days are done, but his racist, and old demeanor is so poignant and fresh that it is so well done. Living in run down Detroit, hating Vietnamese immigrants that just so happened to move next door to him. Time goes on after certain happenings Kowalski gets to know them and develops a bond  that felt so personal and at home. With some time this will be a classic.


“Gone With The Wind” Release Date: January 17th, 1939

An immortal and timeless achievement. This film still holds true for its creation and as it should. Scarlett O’hara played by Vivien Leigh, a selfish heroine, but you still care for her in all levels. Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) whom is charming, sometimes funny, and wealthy and exactly what Scarlett wants. The movie is set in the time of the Civil War. The war is an essential piece to the film, and the way it was used was really a perfect fit. A long movie, but definitely not boring. Vivien Leigh’s character may have been the most important, and the one who stood out the most, just by the way someone could watch and feel her pain, all the same. Classic


“There Will Be Blood” Release Date: January 25th, 2007

After receiving high praise at the Oscars that year “There Will Be Blood” put itself in the rankings of some of the best acting jobs I have ever seen. Cinematography, the best writing, film editing, and just artfully crafted. Daniel Day Lewis is just on another level every single time he delivers. Seems like anything Daniel Day Lewis touches it is instantly a classic, weird saying that about a movie not even ten years old yet, but nonetheless I feel it’s intentions on it being a classic.


“12 Monkeys” Release Date: January 5th, 1995

Futuristic, and devastated with diseases, James Cole (Bruce Willis) is sent back in time to gather information about a virus that wiped out the population. A great job done by supporting actor Brad Pitt as well for his role as a loony patient who ends up knowing all the secrecies and inside information. The film is imaginative and very enjoyable. Still one of the best sci-fi’s that I have seen. Terry Gilliam at his finest, he loves to work in that dystopian style and he does it like no other. His previous work with Brazil, Time Bandits and of course Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I know a fair amount of people who didn’t even know this movie existed, and some to say it is one of their favorites of all time. Cult classic.

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Cults and Classics November Movies

Well, well, well long time no movie cults and classics post. My reason being, that October was mostly for the horror, and Dillon took it away with his vlogs, and horror writings.

No we’re back on track, finely tuning what the decent November movies brought to us. The list includes cults, and classics. The cults and classics that came out in November, and perhaps on this date. Seeing how it is the 30th I am closing in on what was a decent month in the theaters.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Released November 21st,  1975 

This movie is a classic hands down. Nicholson knocks it out of the park. The movie brings out timeless and divine moments, that feels good to the soul. The book holds it’s own that is better than the movie, but this isn’t a newsflash for movies being made from books. The story potrayals so much of what is uplifting in life, through a character that speaks volumes in ways that chaos is apart of life. I got the message of make the most of what you do, and who you are.

What an iconic scene, my favorite in the entire movie. Jack shows off his imagination, and purely genius acting style that gets overlooked.

Meet Joe Black: Release date November 13, 1998

This movie feels very culty for some reason. The movie holds this subtle and intricate romance that is held through soulful activity upon meeting first time. By the second time around the life encounters are nearly heartbreaking for the viewer, and all so inviting at the same time. You lose this talkative man in Brad Pitt in the beginning, and he becomes quite literally a soul-less being that you want back so badly as the viewer. The ending couldn’t have ended any better. The movie has every intention and every way to tug at your heart strings.


The Night of the Hunter: Release date November 24, 1955

Easily one of the best movies I have ever seen. Classic in every way, but I can also see it being a cult movie. Especially this time period, with it being a part of the Criterion Collection. Visually stunning and the lighting is absolutely wonderful. I had stumbled upon this movie about three months ago and finding this was purely gold. This movie was referred to me from a friend. Ever since I have just been englossed by Robert Mitchum’s performance. His rhetoric throughout is sheer brilliance and endearing in every way.

This scene is so brilliant and unique, shows the ability of the antagonist, Mitchum who’s singing is almost bringing everyone together at once. And the care taker sings with him in a moment of neutrality, or so it seems like it. A vulnerability unlike no other. The director Charles Laughton’s only film and it is a true shame.

No Country for Old Men: Release Date November 21st, 2007

Really a classic, Javier Bardem deserved the Oscar for his take on a no nonsense high intense thrilling killer. The coin flip still sends chills down my spine.


Walk the Line: Release Date November 18th, 2005

The story of Johnny Cash, done completely in the way that he would have wanted it done. Seems like you see more and more biographies and biopics these days of people who’s story was told in a context so far from the truth, but here it is done hand and hand on the right measure. It touched some sensitive topics of his life, and magnified it, but not to the point of it being overblown and I think that is what should be mentioned, and noticed.

51FRXCjHkvL.jpg (351×500)

Leon The Professional : Release Date November 18, 1994

Cult movie, but also a classic. This movie spun me around in a way that I wasn’t expecting. A hit man takes after a girl who is much more mature than she comes off to be. A movie that had to sit with me a couple of days after watching it. Undoubtedly a surprise and stellar acting jobs from Jean Reno (Leon) and Gary Oldman (Stansfield). Natalie Portman also bursting onto the scene with her debut movie. She was discovered in a pizza parlor for her now impressive acting career. You can’t make this stuff up. This is a solid movie to watch, timeless.

leontheprofessional_article.jpg (600×425)

-Jake, at



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On This Date Look Back on The Month of July Cults and Classics

July movies really packed some punch for this list.

The Dark Knight July 18th, 2008

Heath Ledger rest in peace. One of the best performances I’ve ever seen any actor perform in a movie. Ledger as the joker just undid himself on all levels, and took method acting a step further to a point of being a secluded clown with an aggression that couldn’t be crossed. He’s in the top five for best actor performances in my book that’s for sure. Instant Classic!

The-Joker-the-dark-knight-1959033-300-360.jpg (300×360)

Step Brothers July 25th, 2008

I’m still in the process of finding a quote within this movie that isn’t quoteable I mean it is never ending with quotes. Comedic gold, Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly tag team as the 39 and 40 year old brother’s who need to do something with their lives. This could make for a drama or a serious movie, that’s what Judd Apatow intended it to be, but things changed and humor went so heavily that it’s a brainless comedy that will maintain a solid rating on IMDb. 6.9 out of 10 not bad, not bad. This is an instant classic in my mind.

StepBrothers_9lg.jpg (700×465)

Garden State July 28th, 2004

This movie has your laughs, your heartwarming smiles and maybe even some tears, but if you do tear up make sure you save it in a plastic cup for good measure. The movie can speak for everyone who gets the feeling of coming back home and seeing how things were, and seeing how you didn’t miss anything at all. Garden State is a very underrated movie.

abyss.jpg (1024×436)

Forrest Gump July 6th 1994

Forrest has got a lot of character development, and quite the life that he has lived. Inspirations from running down and breaking out of his leg braces down the road, to running out of the jungle to save his dear old Lieutenant Dan. This movie can show “Hey stupid people can do it too!” “Stupid is, is stupid does.” Now it’s 20 years later, is it stupid for me to mark it off as a classic, because I am.

forrest-gump1__140605215604.png (630×420)

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome July 10th, 1985

Gibson featuring Tina Turner, yup I threw it in here it was a cult movie I felt, not the best movie of the Mad Max series but enough to stand on it’s own two feet. Before Fury Road we had Beyond Thunderdome as the last movie to mark it off.

madmaxbeyondthunderdome2.jpg (720×478)

Kingpin July 26th, 1996

Kingpin is fun for all and a cult movie. Bowling, boosin’, stupidity, and driving around making bets with monopoly money, oh what fun! Bill Murray, Woody Harrelson, and Randy Quaid have fun in this idiotic brainless comedy. Also why is it that Farrely Brothers keep making two character’s with lesser IQ’s each time, like Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, and Stuck on You? Hey it’s simple and it works that’s all I gotta say.

7154TK104VL._SY300_.gif (210×300)

Full Metal Jacket July 10, 1987

Harsh, is the word that I would describe this movie. Stanley Kubrick does a fine job making this movie. The film sets an over the top atmosphere and creates the overbearing drill sergeant’s pragmatic beliefs like that will make you crack as a viewer of this movie. Classic for sure.

1397971137544.jpg (1200×900)

Pi July 10, 1998

This movie is a cult and just an indie phenomenon,  with no budget. Mathematician Sci-fi Thriller, things may not add up when you watch it but it creates that curiosity as a viewer and you gotta love that.

f1b800516172dcd4e179b81e96bd0dc3.jpg (600×889)

Slacker July 5, 1991

Richard Linklater’s first stoner movie, before his Dazed and Confused. This movie is a cult classic. Linklater has the ability to create a movie with no plot but still make it a boundful experience with every waking scene. It’s like he goes against the grain and makes whatever he wants, which is originality at it’s finest. Slacker is a narrative in many ways to delve into the lives of social misfits.

screens_feature1-2.jpg (450×314)

Inception July 16, 2010

This is one of those second time watchers and you get the full idea movies. Unbelievable job done by DiCaprio, and the director Nolan can do no wrong and has done no wrong. A dream within a dream, and the paradox as such is fascinating, fantasy based but it’s a long lasting journey through originality. This has the making to be a classic.

inception01.jpg (1280×1024)