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New Name New Style

Hello all!

It has been decided for this site to have a makeover. The site will now be specifically depicting movies, in their realm of criterion collection, classics, cults and craps.

This site was originally viewed to be touching all of entertainment, and sports, but that didn’t take off to where we wanted. The interests are still there, but it is best to limit it to one.

This page now is covered by two people, (Dillon and Jake)  giving in depth writings, vlogs, and podcasts to cover movies. The podcasts will give us the chance to talk about all sorts of entertainment, but within these writings we want to cover all bases from Horror, to indie films.

The “cults craps and classics” will be explored every month. Formerly known as just “Cults and Classics” there had to be another listings for some of these films, as just pure crap.

There will still be biopic posts, with some other content, but primarily it will all be touched upon the artful creation that is film. Our future interests as filmmakers, writers and directors will benefit us both to create this niche.

Cine N Dine will distinguish future movies to see, and perhaps ones not to see. Dillon, our second staff writer will maintain vlogs and post them with in depth looks at what it was we watched for the week. It is exciting to update all of our creativity, and we hope you like it to! Give us a follow!


Circa 2011 me on top of Dill High School days


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Happy Record Store Day To All

Today is national record store day! Please support your local store! It is dire and let the local companies continue to thrive in the music business that is now depleting by the second due to the digital era. I’ll tell you what music on vinyl is some of the best music you can hear and today you can find just what you want.
Stores like Newbury Comics and Bullmoose really thrive in entertainment music sales today, the local stores not so much, but if you have one from where you live it is a must to support them by all means! Whether you snag the latest and hottest record or the contemporary classics let Record Store Day be a place in your heart, or a place in your playlist, if you will.
Bands like the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden still perform music within local music industries. Bands today still recognize their roots and show its appreciation by this, and the fans support them at all costs.

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Happy Easter Go Crank The Tunes

After your Easter Dinners please spend some time with your folks and family, by all means. If you aren’t about that life go watch movies and crank the tunes all day.

What I did, I found that Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” works best for the type of mood today. It sets the tone honestly and holds a sentimental tradition of what Easter should be. Relaxed, and memorable.

Simon_and_Garfunkel,_Bridge_over_Troubled_Water_(1970).png (300×300)

I then gave the ole turn table a spin with The Police, and Neil Young’s “Comes a Time” I realized now that Neil Young is one of those artists that just gets it, not to live anything in his life that is a gimmick and he sings from the heart. He indeed does have a heart of gold, but this album in particular chokes me up,  makes me think of my dad and all of the good times. Comes a time makes me think so much of changing into adulthood and really realizing things that you haven’t before, it’s that step into another part of your life that at some point everyone crosses. Whether it be adulthood or maybe just moments of realizations, there in fact does come a time.

81btZ2Ds6LL._SL1425_.jpg (1425×1425)

This does its deed for me for sure. Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”. So much can be said about this album and how one feels when channeling their life. Nick Drake’s success of course posthumously became unnoticed, and wasn’t seen in the same solidarity the poet and gifted writer wanted during that time period. Nick Drake certainly has the unknown qualities out of any musician with his given amazing talents Undoubtedly my favorite from him.

NickDrakePinkMoon.jpg (300×300)

Bob Dylan being Bob Dylan, can’t get enough of this album and just what songs lyrically he can master. Blonde on Blonde really captures the classic feel to your Sunday. As it did for me as I was sipping my PBR and twisting my beard. Just kidding folks I don’t have a beard, PBR on the other hand.. Total hipster move. Nonetheless Blonde on Blonde filled the void my ears needed to ear.

51fQxJwLMjL.jpg (500×500)

Lastly I decided to jump into some random funkiness and played some Parliament. I have my random flashes of funk, and boy does it do the trick, a jumping blaze of pure originality with head banging worthy bass. So funky, and so right I played “Flash Light” over and over. I made sure to end my music sesh on a solid upbeat note. That is with any other times make sure you end music on a solid note, it’s a major key!

album-funkentelechy-vs-the-placebo-syndrome.jpg (301×300)


I chose these three albums because of how easing, unleashing and relaxing they all are. They are the type of albums that if they repeated no one would turn and wonder why no one changed the music. After what was an extensive day of family these seemed to have hit the spot for my hungry ear.

Cheers, Jake

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Hip Hop Revivalist’s In Brooklyn. The Rap Group Whose Doing It Right


You’ve been hearing the saying for the last decade: The very cringing attitude that Hip Hop is dead. Well if that is the case, it only makes that sooner or later a supreme group of undead glory would fall upon us to resurrect the dying genre and whisk us and our impure desires back into a portal of truth and understanding about the rap industry. Curdled into the society of East Coast New York has been a movement that has been going on for the better half of this decade. With talents such as ASAP MOB, Bodega Bamz, Action Bronzon, Joey Badass, Pro Era, The Underachievers and the late but untamed Capitol Steeze – The motion of unapologetic and roll-a-blunt-to-the-face antics that these artists have been shoving down our throats (whether we like it or not) has been the buzz all around and these boys may be the chosen ones to bring the hip hop crown back too the East. In a self given alias that pens all these artists to a super movement- BEASTCOAST is well and underway and are still making a statement. Deep in roots of New York cultural tropes and overused themes, these groups seem to step out further and beyond to restore and deliver faith back to the world of rap. There however, in this BEASTCOAST movement, is a 3 man army that stick out and deliver a harder punch than the rest. From the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn is a breed of tomb raidin’ acid dappin’ pyscho-delic team of freaks of nature. Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about The Flatbush Zombies.

The Hip Hop Trio consists of Meechy Darko AKA Count Rakula AKA The Baby of Rosemary’s baby AKA I AM NOT THE FATHA, possibly the unlabeled front man whose unmistakable voice and grimy cutthroat poetry drips through the speakers like venom or acid usual sets the town for these stellar tracks or he often wraps it up with banging hooks that are so catchy your ears might bleed and spew out coach roaches. The next in the show  is Zombie Jewice AKA ISAAC BLAZE. The Hippy Hardcore HypeMAN of the crew who will attack you with a burst of deathly energy but will also give you chills with a laidback highlight reel of pussy and weed. Jewice is a concoction of Easy E, whose influence is well used and treated appropriately, and a mix of a whole new breed completely. That is what i love about these guys. They sound like no other. Last in the group, BUT NEVER least. The man who creates the atmosphere, who brings life to their undead lyrics.. Eric Elliott AKA The Architect. The man who is often behind the scenes engineering the impeccable and one of a kind beats also puts his two cents on with often riveting and conspiracy ridden political barz. His intellect and social justice is monumental to this groups attitude.
In 2013 The released their project Better Off Dead. Hands down on of the best Hip Hop records and easily one of the most underrated in a long time. I am happy that they are not mainstream and selling out to corporations. These guys have been running their own merch and music page since they began. They are self made and nobody can stop them. Better Of Dead included nosebleeding headbutting hatred filled anthems such BIISS or LIVE FROM HELL and MRAZ . It share melodic masterpieces such as Palm Trees and G Tearz. The project even included catchy and energizing solos from each member (Jewice with MINEPHUCK.  Meech with GOD BLESS THE DEAD. ANd Arc with the impressive 222) 20+ tracks on this album and every single track is raw, well executed and purely genius.
After 3 long years with only a few singles from a scrapped EP entitled Day Of The Dead and a side project with NY friends and artists Underacheivers under the alias CLOCKWORK INDIGO it is safe to say that FBZ is back with their DEBUT album that will be released on Amazon, Itunes and there website The Glorious Dead. The new project 3001: A LACED ODYSSEY have already released a single called BOUNCE and that track alone will have all Flatbush fans and newcomers alike begging for more. In stores March 11 2016. I am more than happy to say they are back and are better than ever desired. I will be seeing them live in Spokane WA and yes there will be a blog and update on that. SO go check out these guys, if you are a fan of Hip Hop, you owe it to yourself.

THIS ARTICAL was written by Dillon Adair. The West coast Correspondent of IndieBall.     10436169_10208546934021158_6740777447227727336_n.jpg

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Tristen Page Crazy Boy

Ever have that first friend who understood you under any context? Despite how weird you were and what your actions were there was always the unbreakable bond. The childlike meandering and the constant, “if you don’t give me your toy I won’t be your friend.” Oh how I hated that.

Someone who comes to mind is my friend Tristen, my first best friend. Being five years old, wide eyed and reckless kids.  The group of friends we had really brought out some interesting characters. One was the redneck, I was the skater, and he was the crazy boy. Out of friend’s when we’d fight and wrestle we used to shake an imaginary cage and rattle it, and intimidate crazy boy. Oh you best beware, and cover your nut sack because you will be kicked in the balls. You’ll get served! Ya know the typical 2004 backyard wrestling? The Tony Hawk games, the skating. The once upon a time edgey music of Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, and Simple Plan. Tristen and I used to pretend to be Tom Delonge of Blink-182, or Deryck Whibley of Sum 41. Aka the early days of faux punk, and edgey-ness with flames on button down shirts with sunglasses and frosted tips.

tumblr_ltl0zf3K8Y1r3tgito1_500.jpg (500×399) Deryck-deryck-whibley-11244687-480-600.jpg (480×600)

Ah to be ten years old. We had some gracious times. The time period was of essence to our youth. The early 2000’s reigned as our generation. 90’s kids, but more so early 2000’s kids. A lot of people will shoot down the time period of then, and the time period of now. Whatever there’s nothing you can do about it. Just be you, and create you’re own reality mixing the times together.


Me on the far left, Tyler in the middle, Tristen far right. 



Anyway, Tristen was my best friend, we were true bro’s. Tristen has always been passionate but also never gave a fuck. He’d mess with bees nests to this day, shooting Nerf missiles and you name it. He’s a reckless kid. We’d always hangout, until he moved to Oklahoma in 5th grade, my friend suddenly moved away and was lost from that bond. Crazy boy no more, and the same things we liked before changed. I saw him when he visited last year for the first time in five years. We both looked at each other and thought it was time. I rattled the imaginary cage, “He is out of control, watch out everybody, crazy boy is coming to get ya!” The neighbors and people on the sidewalk were laughing hysterically.

It was until then that he realized he is an adult and he now felt weird doing this. The 18 year old self in himself felt like a weirdo, a kid with a problem.

I guess that idea became scrapped but at least we tried, we brought back the crazy boy for merely ten minutes.

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Thoughts on New Movies Coming Out

Some new movies coming out, and what looks like may be worth the wait while others, uh not so much.

I would talk about Star Wars but that is talked about in what is seemingly every other blog you look at. We get it. Yeah there’s so much to talk about, but let’s not completely lose our minds.

Don Verdean

Starring Sam Rockwell, Amy Ryan, Jermain Clement, Danny Mcbride, and Will Forte. Don Verdean  isa person who is hired by an ambtious small town pastor in order to find sacred relics in the Holy Land. A Biblical archaeologist fails to do the task and his attempt to cover up his failure fuels a comic conspiracy. Same filmmaking team  who created Napoleon Dynamite, brings an ironic, 80’s vibe. The director almost has the same drive as Gentlmen Broncos. Intrigued and looks like a watchable movie.


Starring Bradley Cooper, as a chef who’s bahvior in the past lost him his restaurant. He redeems himself by moving to London and restarts his job and career where he wants to eventully make the goal of traveling to paris and reaching his potential. Bradley Cooper is just a sensation, I’m not all wrapped into the plot as to what sounds a bit cliche, but for acting purposes he seems worthy for a watch.

Daddy’s Home

Mark Whalberg, and Will Ferrell star in another comedy. A father, and a step father collide in this fun for the whole family movie. I am a fan of both these actors and I don’t know of many people who aren’t but the roles of these actors is gag worthy. I am not interested I wish it was more of Step Brother’s touch to it, and had more raunchiness in it. Maybe once this movie is on Netlfix in like four or five months.

The Wannabe

“Obsessed with mob culture, and desperate to fit in, Thomas sets out to fix the 1992 trial of John Gotti. He believes if the plan is executed, it will put him at the center of all.” Starring Patricia Arquette and Domenick Lombardozzi. This movie sounds interesting, and the explanation reels you in. The idea of a character wanting to fit in is interesting to see how well they adapt the feeling it encapsulates to someone’s everyday lives. I’d consider it a watch.


Portrays the life of James Dean. It looks all interesting, but the reviews not so much.. I have heard the movie depicts Dean almost as a villian, and there’s a miss casting to the roles. That is unfortunate when you know a movie has more potential than that.