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New Name New Style

Hello all!

It has been decided for this site to have a makeover. The site will now be specifically depicting movies, in their realm of criterion collection, classics, cults and craps.

This site was originally viewed to be touching all of entertainment, and sports, but that didn’t take off to where we wanted. The interests are still there, but it is best to limit it to one.

This page now is covered by two people, (Dillon and Jake)  giving in depth writings, vlogs, and podcasts to cover movies. The podcasts will give us the chance to talk about all sorts of entertainment, but within these writings we want to cover all bases from Horror, to indie films.

The “cults craps and classics” will be explored every month. Formerly known as just “Cults and Classics” there had to be another listings for some of these films, as just pure crap.

There will still be biopic posts, with some other content, but primarily it will all be touched upon the artful creation that is film. Our future interests as filmmakers, writers and directors will benefit us both to create this niche.

Cine N Dine will distinguish future movies to see, and perhaps ones not to see. Dillon, our second staff writer will maintain vlogs and post them with in depth looks at what it was we watched for the week. It is exciting to update all of our creativity, and we hope you like it to! Give us a follow!


Circa 2011 me on top of Dill High School days


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Happy Record Store Day To All

Today is national record store day! Please support your local store! It is dire and let the local companies continue to thrive in the music business that is now depleting by the second due to the digital era. I’ll tell you what music on vinyl is some of the best music you can hear and today you can find just what you want.
Stores like Newbury Comics and Bullmoose really thrive in entertainment music sales today, the local stores not so much, but if you have one from where you live it is a must to support them by all means! Whether you snag the latest and hottest record or the contemporary classics let Record Store Day be a place in your heart, or a place in your playlist, if you will.
Bands like the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden still perform music within local music industries. Bands today still recognize their roots and show its appreciation by this, and the fans support them at all costs.

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The Days of Incubus Fan Hood and Life with Dillon Adair

Do you ever just talk out song lyrics, but do it all the time to a point where you just to fuck with people? I do, it’s too much fun. I would always reference “Nice to Know You” by incubus. I was a gigantic fan of Incubus. Both me and my friend Dillon. That was our band. We’d get home from school and crank all of Incubus’ albums. He’d jam on his Uke and I’d try my best Brandon Boyd impression. We grew our love for Incubus and we made an entire wall of art from Brandon Boyd’s work, and all of the band’s pictures. Mike Einziger, DJ Killmore, Ben Kenney, Jose Pasillas and Good ole Dirk Lance and of course Brandon Boyd. We would emulate him in all levels. That’s our fan, our idol.


He still is, but Incubus just doesn’t feel the same as it once did, it doesn’t have us rage with joy, and poetic justice. Perhaps the new turnings for Incubus is experimenting on a whole other level. I respect it, but I sure do miss the days where the fan hood took our lifestyle, and the over played nature of Morning View was like a serene sunset.

The albums, I always had a trouble ranking them because they all held something special, but Morning View is my go-to and Make Yourself was their break-through with Drive, but now I’m finding my post high school self jamming to the likes of S.C.I.E.N.C.E with all the rage. A Crow Left of The Murder held strong points, and felt so political that it worked, all to their advantage, but seeing them live was an unforgettable event.


Over time we graduated, and ended up finding other interests in bands and dabbled in all sorts of things, like filming and making movies. The Little Wooden Monkey has been our biggest success, the first of three that we made.

Dillon also raps and writes. He wrote his first book and currently does book reviews and has come out with numerous albums. He’s the Dill of all trades. His rap name is Rad Dill, and is a big YouTuber. He’s easily the funniest person I’ve ever met.

992867_640932965935940_1691051509_n 999874_640933015935935_534907462_n  267492_243736032322304_6977450_n10846265_10205283542398407_3611844514368026278_n474143_472953982782350_2134863170_o Beach sesh’s long trips to malls, blue slushy stains on our lips, it was a last call for childish endeavors. The trips to Newbury Comics is what made the trips the fun of it all, spending hours picking and choosing what movies to watch, at a cheap price. He’s in the horror section while I’m looking up some pretentious film or some movie about some stoners or some bull shit like that. That’s how it was.

Same went for music and pop cultured nic-nacs, how cliche. Ha, yeah those were the days, and they’ll happen again.

Just with new memories, and adulthood lives, that will bring a whole other vibe.

Dillon moved to Washington and these trips became no longer, and I’ve been trying to excel in numerous things, like writing, and been studious at college. The future holds some bright things. Never give up, and we will reunite.